Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Madness Drawn Onto Nothingness

Blog post # 271:
(271 = a prime, yes, perhaps.)

Universe Equal To Its Being

As Pretentious Eclipses

Unto Equations Of Unidirectionality


Analysis Analytically Miscomprehended


An anagram and an anagram and
an anagram and an anagram:

This negation ends sin.
I stained nothingness.


If in analytical madness,
mandalas scale infinity.


Nudity so pure.
You spurned it.


Ah, in odes we are forgotten,
oh, as of one regret I wanted.


"Oh, bet you worry"..
about your own 'obituary'...


(And if you were mean, it might be an...


I have... mixed-feelings.. about becoming a bartender.


Republicans can be such hypocrites.
Remember that Reagan/Mondale presidential debate?
Reagan says to Mondale, "There you go again."

I figure that Ronny had to have been pissing his undergarments right at that very moment..




Ash-Matic said...

I love this blog - I've found nothing like it.
What do you use to make your designs?

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Thanks. I use Photoshop, actually. But I don't manipulate photos; I instead create the images from scratch. (Maybe I should use another drawing-program intended more for the dedicated purpose of creating images from scratch, but I am too lazy to learn anything new.)

flip said...

I liked the 2nd and 5th images, and the third anagram was phenomenal.

Robyn Burger said...

I would like to use your image of 'Universe equal to its being' on my website. Do you have any objections? Your work intrigues me.

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Robyn: Please use it!