Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Transphoric Metaformation

Blog-post # 333:
(333 = 3*37*3.
333 = Half-The-Beast. Yay!..
So, not the best Beast, then?
Just half as good,..
I mean, half as EVIL!)

Seven new images:

Trans-metaphorical Metamorphosis

Sidelapping Overways

Contextual Unknowability

Emptiest Equations Of Enigmatism

Synonyms Rearranged Into Permutations

Unimaginations Thus Unimagined

Its Approximately Glassy Astrology

Regarding the neologisms:
The second image's title,
"Sidelapping Overways",
originated by exchanging the
first halves of a pair of
particular compound words;
like a spoonerism, but of
entire prefixes instead of
involving only the first letter
or two of the respective words.
What is that called?
Still a spoonerism?
(This is also as in the title
of this particular blog-post.)

"Enigmatism", in the 4th
image's title, maybe is not
new. But it obviously means
the concept of being enigmatic,
or maybe it is the entire
philosophy of enigmas. That
idea may already be called
something else
"enigmatication"?), but
the "-ism" sounds extra spooky
to me, plus this 'new' word
rhymes with "astigmatism".

"Trans-metaphorical" (in the
first image's title) must be
a neologism, taken as a whole.
It means what you want it to
mean, man. Just go with it,
and the truth will find you,
man. Then you will know what
is really more metaphorical
than even metaphor itself...



We are of seedlings.
A genesis flowered.


We fail any wings.
I was flying anew.


An ellipse was that,
itself so lopsided.
Pi spills also as
what is often deleted.


A steep swirl is..
its wise pearls.


This dared a death,
slaying its taint so.
Destined is that,
as ghastly radiation.


The inwardness is her death.
These sins I had drawn there.


I still preyed upon
a page's scabs.
As it is papered
by all cusps gone.


Earrings, they upset.
Super things are yet.


The oval hole inside us:
One's lie should have it.


I should have mentioned my
vomiting-problem when I was at
the doctor,..

but it didn't come up..


And the Luddites do declare
that a weavers' strike..


"Wow. This pencil
is really sharp."

"I agree with you, yes,
that's a really good point."


What kind of camera cannot see
colors, but can still accurately
determine what in the image is
red, anyway?

An infer-red camera..


So, there are "canals" on Mars.
And there are indeed canals
in Venice.
So, why no canals on Venus??


Trade-name for a cleaning fluid:

"[Whoever's] Anti-Splatter"


Update regarding the last item
in my previous blog-post:

I wrote, in part:
"if it rewrote your reference to
the Brookhaven supercollider, the
"Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider",
instead as the
"Relatively Heavy Ion Collider"."

'Relatively Heavy Ion Collider'..
So, then. Is it the ions that are
relatively heavy relative to other
ions? (Which is true regarding those
ions in this supercollider, surely.)
Or is it the super-collider that is
heavy compared with other colliders?
(Which may indeed be true, I suspect.
It is probably one of the heaviest, at
least at the time of its construction.)
Either way, this super-collider is
relatively heavier than an ion.
That is true.
(If anything is true, however.)

Hey, I have an idea:
With all of the super-colliders
being decommissioned lately, let's
get some of the unused ones and
then collide THEM together as
fast as we can somehow!

We can do this just so we can say,
"Oooohhh, the irony!...
For, it is the colliders
themselves now being collided!
Such is the essence of fate;
such is the fate of essence."



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