Saturday, August 18, 2012

In Sine Asylum

Blog-post # 323:
(323 = 17*19.)

Eight new images.
(Is this the most
I have ever had
in one post?)

Sane Sines Of Coiled Cosines

These As Radioactive As These

Translucency Mis-imagined

From Transmutation Unto Transcendence

Paraplexic Plexidrome

In Finite Infinities

Static Halfness

Axioms Themselves Inanimate


(Eight, the same great 8
that is the number of
images this post.):

The wise knots:
It knows these.


All awareness is
indeed to doubt --
Dared as well,
but too sane inside.


I often thought;
as we sinned.
Enough of it was
then its end.


It cheats problematic irony..
to best remain hypocritical.


Our cosmos is
Most magic or
science rules too.


Methodically be on end,..
once dominated by Hell.


A rise then into arcs..
reaches transition.


The surreally
cute seashells:
All these surely
curl as these.

(I much like the irony-based
anagram, the 4th one.)

Why can't they successfully build
a bridge that is shaped the same
in both directions?

'Span snaps.'


I had a bit about the ultimate
palindrome (due to its conciseness)
in a recent post.

A new contender:

'Sin is.'


And speaking of snapping, here
is a new thing for the hipsters
to now say:

"That is more a snap
than takin' a nap!"

I hear ya', man.
{snap snap snap})

You hear about the artists
who stole some paints in
a major heist?

Yeah, they had concocted
quite a.. color-scheme..

{That them there
some art-thieves!..}

(Referencing the name of the
top image in this post:)

If you want to appear not to
be crazy, you must act quite
predictably. Therefore,
if you must oscillate,
do so trigonometrically.

Be seemingly sane
like the sine-wave.


Why did the barber go on a diet?

To 'trim-down', of course..

(Oh, my, that pun is of
disturbingly low quality.)

Since offensiveness is so
common, maybe we should
call it...



If you are aware of the
tangling, you have...


(Maybe you go to..
to learn about knots?)


That which is beneficial to
ECOnomics, at least in regards
to the most selfish of the
interests of corporations,
often has little benefit for
ECOlogy, it seems, despite the
"eco" in both words.

Since, ECOnomics is usually
driven by the selfish interests
of those with the most money
(and definitely not always by
concerns for the environment),
I propose we call it instead..

(And Donald Trump weighs in,
proposing we call it..
'Trump-onomics'. Quite.)

The anti-regulation types will
love having this fear I suggest
they have:...

The nanny-state grows to such a level in the near future that food-companies will be required (required!!) to post on their packages a numerical-value representing the amount of BAD-BREATH these food items can give you by eating them!
(Wake up, people!)

BBQ = Bad-Breath Quotient:
(And BBQ has a large BBQ, too!)



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