Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dizzier And Faster Than Diz-zaster

Blog-post # 325:
(325 = 5*13*5.)

Seven new images,
like it matters anymore:

Superterranean Therein

Any Reverberation Of Inferences

Counterposited By Counternegativity

Swirling Transposed

Arctangents Inside Denial

Selfish Conformity Shunning Self

Unmismatched Via Iridescences

(Note that the first word in
the top image's name is
"SUPERterranean", as if
I am clever.)


Anagrams (six):

Unto dystopia is this:
Soon it has stupidity.

(^A very apt anagram.)

As sines under ours,...
a roundness is sure.


And this direction
ends there again.
Oh, arctangents are
hidden inside it.


Oddly as some,
any three do.
They are so sly
and doomed.


Extended within are
ages all yet ours.
Next we rouse, lastly
died there again.


All we do.


Our mass-dumbness
is now leading us
to all autocracy
and its atrocities.

We deserve no pity
for this stupidity,
for this dystopia:
our world, America:..



Yes, I don't believe "in" the Bible.
I mean, I do not even believe the
Bible exists at all.
Neither does anything else.

Yes, I do not believe in God.
But I also do not believe in religion.
Actually, I do not believe in religious people, either.
Nor do I believe in the existence of anyone, period.


Here is a hypothesis for the Freudians to suck on:..

The current popularity of drinking bottled-water and the more longstanding trend of drinking beer from bottles may be (partially) due to the possibility that drinking from bottles unconsciously reminds even adults of suckling upon baby-bottles when we were very young, when we were at an age when our needs were simple and often fully quenched by the contents of our bottles.

("If I don't get my
bottled-water/beer, I'm
goin' to cry!"..)