Monday, June 11, 2012

Lopsideways, The Classless-Clown

Blog-post # 303:
(303 = 3*101.)


Biological Illogicality


Nearly Outlasted By Time

Godlike Semi-Fluorescence

Statistically Its Synonyms

Notice the juxtaposition between the names of the top two images.


Two anagrams:

All is lopsided.
I spilled loads.


Hell's thirst, it
really abuses us.
Surely, this habit
rusts all else.


Crappy palindrome:

Forever a lopsided
is polar ever of.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I have so little balance
in my life,.. that
even my stress-level..
is not in any way level..

(I like this joke a lot, I must say. It EVEN might make a good joke for a sit-com!
Yes, even for a sit-com!..)


Well-educated people
who are wrong despite,


Most guys' looks would
probably be 'FLATTERed'..
by a reduction in the
size of their man-boobs.


[I just bought some pants.
They fit my active-lifestyle..
but not me..]


You say you are standing,..
but I know you are LYING..


I used to really enjoy math.
But I am now finally over my..


[Warning! Controversy!]

Religion must stop being used to support such anti-homosexual bigotry.
What all religions need is a new doctrine:

The Separation Between Church and Straight(ness)!

Hmm.. Hate-crimes against gays are often..
'straight-sponsored terrorism'..
(Committed by those

(*This particular pun I posted years ago,
I think.)


PS: It looks like absolutely NO ONE has been reading my blog lately at all.
(Judging by the stats, I myself am the ONLY person who visits my blog lately.)
So, if you happen to read this note, please go back and read some of the (at least recent) posts I made and you missed -- because you did indeed miss some of them, if not many many of them.

(As the bosom once said to the bra,..
"Thank you for your support.")


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