Thursday, May 31, 2012

As These Oddly Remained

Blog-post # 300:
(300 = 2*2*3*5*5.)

Seven computer-art images:

Randomly Quadrated

Dissimilar To Confusion

Nonsense Strewn Clearly

Darkly Electrodynamic

Synesthesia Reanalyzed

In Each Alliterated Neuron


(Honestly, "Synesthesia Reanalyzed" creeps me out somewhat..)


Three anagrams:
(A triple-anagrammatic spectacle.)

As these oddly remained
wrung anew of that end;
indeed, we had then so
flung rotten dreams away.


A helix if once returned unto,
but tossed,
it uncurls before and then
does exit out.


In our messes,
in these quadrants,
Randomness is then
quite as sure.


Oh, I really have nothing else worth writing about today.
Maybe I should point out this is my 300th post to my Hyperthetically blog
(if I counted correctly).
That is not really important, as far as I and the universe are concerned, since I do not live mostly by the rules of the base 10 number system anyway; and the universe surely does not either.

But what else would I write about today, then?

Maybe I should encourage you all on this grand occasion to read some of my older posts, and also some of my even older posts,... and older yet still (if you want to, of course).

I know the focus of this blog has changed somewhat over the last... -- how long has it been since October 2009?

Now I publish more images per blog-post, especially more newly created images, than before.
I did not have as many anagrams in the
beginning, I think I recall.
But I had some occasional jokes, including
puns but maybe a larger percentage of
non-pun jokes than I do now.
I was much more philosophical at the beginning than now, too.
I also had quite a bit of politics, which I now forgo almost entirely (with political humor still allowed).

And, the poems, yes, I posted poems quite often in my older posts. But I think I may have lost more readers as a result of my poetry than due to my politics, to be honest. So my poetry had to go away. (Even when I do post the rare poem these days,
anyway, it is always written
{and somewhat improvised}
specifically for my blog now, and is not written in the same style as my poetry more often is; although I may cannibalize a little material from the other unpublished poems for the blog-poems.)

Yay, 300.


Pointlessness is the point; this is the point I am pointing out pointedly, poignantly.

(As I wrote recently, the word "pointless" is itself pointless, because points are zero-dimensional, or something pointless I wrote.)



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kikinotdee said...

Happy 300th blog post yay!!
Synesthesia Reanalyzed my favourite :)