Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Blog-post # 293:
(293 = a prime. Sublime.)

Meridians Themselves In Each

Randomness Itself Torn

Never Theorized By Tilting

Hemispheres Without Semicircles

Mandalas Bigotedly Before

(I do like these, I do likely suppose.)


Not much anagrammatization today.
Two or three short ones.

Surreal is
liar's ruse.


Our rusted din
surrounded it.


Dumb Me


A new expression to use when people are being overly general in what they are saying:

"Well, that's as specific as the Pacific!"


Oh, the popularity and quality of the written-word is definitely in decline...

... But I wouldn't 'read'
too much into that!..


It's not an apple per day anymore..
No.. Instead, now it's..

Not having money to pay...
keeps the doctor away!..


You hear about the guy hit and killed by an errant ball at a baseball game?

The police say he died from (a) 'foul play'!..

(Meanwhile,.. some other guy was
killed by roughhousing chickens...)


That last one reminds me:

Blood-soaked killers are...

'crimson criminals'..


Three comedians walk into the bar of a
comedy club, one comedian carrying a book of puns, one carrying a book of satire, and the last carrying a book of comic-strips.
... I don't know what it is, but...

there's a joke in there somewhere..


(So sorry, but I know I have heard all of the above jokes before somewhere;
which only proves, the dumber something is, the easier it is to remember.)



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kikinotdee said...

Never Theorized By Tilting I like this one.

I found this for you.
Mr owl ate my metal worm