Friday, May 11, 2012

Strange, Really Strangely Real

Blog-post #294:
(294 = 2*7*7*3.)

(Seven images today, more than usually.)

Multimathematically Summed

Diffractive Intrusiveness

Into Philosophical Screams

Light's Pristine Rust

Inapplicable As To Genocide

Misanthropic Anthropomorphism

Of Other Similarity


Anagrams. How many? Four.

Quest in alley...


I do cut sly linear lines...
less unidirectionally.


Stay in pod.


All arty genres:
Strangely real.


Me and my lack of glasses...
Inspiring me to overhear this:
a conversation between myopes:

"My eyes are SO bad,...
they're felons!'

"Well, MY eyes are SO bad,

"Well, MY eyes, THEY're SO bad
that they've MADE thousands...
of dollars.. from speakin'-fees
and book-contracts, since they
have immunity and are allowed
to basically brag about and
justify whatever bad things
they have done!"

"Damn, that's them there's
some bad eyes you gots.
Yours there the worst eyes."


Working as a tree-trimmer
must sure make one..


For me, becoming a yoga-instructor
would really be...
'quite a stretch'..

(This surely unoriginal joke may
likely have been.. 'posed'
to me before by someone else..)


(Say, hey, always they say,
many ways to weigh whey,
there are anyway.)


That a relatively few elitists --
the media, the pundits,
the politicians, and the
super-wealthy who fund the others
-- really entirely determine
public-opinion, well, that
surely... 'makes sense'.

Yes, they are the ones who
determine WHAT IS 'sense',
common or otherwise.

They just manufacture it,
like one of their products.



I keep reading online about psychological/medical "studies" where it is supposedly shown that people who believe whatever BS and delude themselves into being even-unjustifiably happy are somehow more likely to be "healthy" and live-longer.

Ha Ha!

Perhaps... the websites where I read about these study-results are trying to get a larger readership??

I've said it before, I would
rather die sooner and be aware,
than live long as a mistaken fool.

(R.I.P.: Realize In Peace)




kikinotdee said...

Love them I see wings in two!!

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Now that you have pointed out the wingishness of some of my images in this post, I don't know which two you are referring to, since I can at least somewhat see wings in five of these images. :D

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

PS: To Kiki: Or do you mean "wings" in the "Princess Bride" kind-of-way? Ie. "Wings" = "Rings".

kikinotdee said...

Multimathematically Summed
Of Other Similarity this one reminds of doves.
I love the Princess Bride, I wanted a dread pirate Roberts, one that looked like Wesley.
Unfortunatley I married a pirate the first time and he had a woman in every port as it turned out "Tit" and now I'm married to Gimley hahaha