Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vertical Vertigo Of Dizzying Diagonals

Blog-post # 297:

(297 = 11*3*3*3.)

Overarching Our Making

Aglow Or Vice-Versa

As Rust Itself Quelled


(I am only posting the best four images, in my opinion, I made during the last few days. If you think these images are terrible, you should see the others I did not post here!...
Well, no, the point is that you cannot see them. Oh, well.)

(Note: The name "Surrelativity" is a pun name combining "Relativity" and "Surreality".)


Two anagrams
(not one, not three or more than thee):

That very vast light orbits
as time is lately.
Most all its relativity
has the best gravity.


Alone in a dystopian reality;
it is one/any/all yet paranoid.


The essence of the lava-lamp
is (a) pretty fluid..


Following the guru can be rather...


(In other news: Determining the difference between a "religion" and a "cult" can be rather 'diffi-cult' also.)



Hardly pretty; Pretty hard.)


Abusement-Park Of Everything

In this 'abusement'-park of everything,
all our world is surely illusory,
wrongly ascertained, but certainly asinine.
Yes, this is our world of tyranny
laughably imposed.
This is our construct of archetypes and architectures entirely superfluous
yet confining.
Yes, we here are incarcerated amongst these clowns and arcades and colorful machines and polychromatic propaganda forcing into us that vertigo, forcing that confusion either/neither of its paradoxes
or/and/nor of its oxymora.
Quite, we here are to pay for that admittance to admonish ourselves, to displeasure us in our poverty otherwise entire, else forgotten.

For, here we dream of such an expanse
of nightmares, of such an..
therefore quite fun and funny, thus quite an imprisonment that somehow our youthfulness once considered to be justly juvenile, an imprisonment that we improvised to form these excessive and almost baroque frivolities;
here we play in what has been but that most commercial of falsehoods; we play as if we are alive, as if we are children in this artificiality, in the (psychotic
yet horridly surreal) grandeur
of our...




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