Monday, May 28, 2012

Higher Paradigm-ensionality

Blog-post # 299:
(299 = 13*23.)

{Quite a pretentious post-title, yeah?}

(Seven images for you today.)


Dissolved By Dimensions

Asymmetric Hydrogen

As Rarest Pronouns Are

Its Tangled Glossiness

Transmutations Absorbed

Bleakly Oblique

Amazing, I have only two images out of these seven above that involve spirals (well, three, if you count the background of the top image). And I have only two images involving spheres (maybe three, if you count the oblong spheroids). And I have only two involving rings (in an obvious manner, anyway). And I have only four, maybe five, images involving crescents.
As you have seen from my previous posts, I have basically been plagiarizing heavily with my extensive use of spirals, spheres, rings, and crescents (and a few other simple shapes) in many of my images, especially lately. Are these geometric forms in the public-domain, though? What next, though; will simple concepts in geometry be trademarked someday soon? Woe will then be the artist inspired by archetypes.


Two anagrams
(somewhat relating to each other):

The vial, its weirdness is odd.
Water dissolved inside this.


Geometry's transmutations
are summed so.
A strangest momentum you
stirred as some.


Hey, you Cartesians,

You ONLY THINK that because
you think therefore you are..


What color is chemists' favorite?



Why couldn't the accountant's
calculations come out 'even'?

Because he was doing an ..


Society 'runs amok',
since during elections
each political party
'runs a schmuck'..



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