Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Here, A Purple, It Is Gone

Blog-post # 291:
(291 = 3*97.)

Departure From Detachment

Esoteric Snag

Spacetime Irregularly Trite

Disjointed Addends

From Unspontaneous Antecedents

Longevity Of Longitudes


That last image's name leads me to think,...

Ha, if you live long by takin' it easy,
you do indeed have ...


Anagrams, four for your score or more:

Those freaky rainbows,
be as any hot fireworks.

(^I had some external
inspiration for this one.)

As sin, we are killed.
All is rewaken, dies.


Logic is guessed.
I used eggs, coils.


Here, a purple, it is gone
there in pure spoilage.



No, is secret faded name-data
demanded after cession?


(Lawyer joke impending...)

Some of my best friends are lawyers..

I know, because they made me
sign a contract stating just that.


A fat phalanx has failed at lankiness.
(But a tall, thin phalanx is phallic.)


Beware, there are..
tear-a-wrists everywhere.
They scare our fair nightmare
with their un-rare prayer
we do not dare share.

It's all 666 and 9-11!

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kikinotdee said...

I love your art it relaxes me, redying me for the mad dash past your anagrams so I don't cheat on the other threads and can leave a comment lol

Kevin Routh said...

Great post! You always have so much - great art, word games, etc... I love your blog!

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Thanks, you two!

kikinotdee said...

freaky rainbows I like it:)