Friday, May 18, 2012

Sour Dreams Yell

Blog-post # 296:
(296 = 2*2*2*37.)

Created As All Unmade

Anti-Dreams Of Misspelling

These Integers Without Number

Anti-Counterbalanced By Shame

Apathetically Disemboweled

Likeness Likewise Clockwise

Accelerated Unto Deceleration


Plenty of anagrams (5):

Tense danger rules trances made;
creates gender-neutral madness.


All is a glossy frontward entropy,
only as if progress totally drawn.


As I, all this future
quelled your rust.
Truthfully surreal is a
soul quieted.


Sour dreams yell
solely as murder.


In hard sadism's faulty coitus,
it is of us, much a dastardly sin.

(The 'future quelled your rust'-one is my favorite, I suppose.)


Do I repay a period?


It's.. nobody's business.. where
I choose to NOT spend my money..


I hate when different words are spelled the same, but not only have different meanings, but different pronunciations also.
Like "tear".

"What do you mean by 'tear'?..
'Tear' or 'tear'?"


"Ah, yes."

So, how difficult would it have been to have spelled one of these "tear"s as "tare"* and/or the other as "teer", say?

*(Not to be confused with "terr'r"..)


Losers, such as I, are only..



.. But some 'people' are
not losers at all.
No, they are always winners.
They are the V.I.C.s, the
Very Important Corporations.

Better than the V.I.P.s, the
Very Important People, even.
Yet they ARE people too,
so says the US Supreme Court.

Yes, in all politics and in
all of our lives generally,
the VICs are always to be..
VIC-torious (over us)!


Best idea ever (patent pending):

Change your name legally to "Richard Cheney".
Next, somehow get on the US "No-Fly List".
(This shouldn't be that difficult.
You may be on it already.)

Then the next time that OTHER
"Richard Cheney" tries to fly,...


(And.. hilarity!...)


So, if something is not-as-funny as we pretend it to be, I guess it is just a
.. 'parody of hilarity', then..

(Now this parody of a parody-of-hilarity
IS hilarity.)




Ash-Matic said...

Likewise Likewise Clockwise is beautiful. I'm not a fan of things with too many colours, but base it on a rainbow or a prism and you can do anything. I think the suggestion of clouds makes it.

kikinotdee said...

I have the urge to dig out my old slinky :)