Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sublime-inal Apocalypse

Blog-post 298:
(298 = 2*149.)

{Note regarding title of this post:
I believe that we are living in, and soon will be living in to even more of an extent, what is in many ways a world resembling what science-fiction stories of years past depicted as a "post-Apocalyptic" dystopia. Except.. we have not had the actual Apocalypse, however, nuclear or otherwise.. (yet).}

Five pictures of images of art:

As A Pretext Of Visions

Demagnified Of Multiplication

Unenvisioned Within/Unto Us

Rarest Reality Of Only Glass

One Or Any And All


Two anagrams
(too anagrammatical):

Your rarest glass is more real.
Mostly roses are as irregular.


All is elongated and is sideways;
As solidly as wide as nil negated.


With the world-wide financial collapse,
I suppose what we have now is the...

'economy-sized economy'..

(It's fun-sized, oh boy ...
and for our convenience, too..)


The climate-change-induced apocalyptic drought will soon bring us...



Meanwhile, in the US, our Constitution has been re-amended, in essence, now with the...
'Nil Of Rights'.


More regarding that

What happens when even the rich neighborhoods get nuked?

They become...


(Being madly mad makes you..

(unoriginal joke)

[Warning: Possibly offensive matter ahead.]

(And speaking of
'Egregious & Kathy Lee'..)

You heard how near the Arctic Circle,
things can be a little 'nippy'?

... Yeah, and in the sky there up north,
you can often see the...

'areola borealis'..

(Love this joke, ashamed to admit.
Have I heard it before, though?
Hmm.. I know that this must be
a band-name.)


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kikinotdee said...

I love all of these Leroy it feels like you were in a serene mood when you created them, hints of summer :)