Saturday, May 5, 2012

Eventual Gross-theque

Blog-post # 292:
(292 = 2*73*2.)

 Stained With Algorithms

Physics' Sad Misanthropy

Hereafter A Timepiece

Methodically Un-Unidirectional

Testified By Doubt

A Violently Electric Hourglass

(These all are okay images.
I like the name "A Violently Electric Hourglass", though.)


Anagrams, two:

Congress, be so
gross, obscene.


So far, these only alternate:
Fast, sooner, late, then early.


Surely, I had quickly visited
the buffet table,...

since I only took seconds..


I heard a bear once killed a man..

with its BEAR-HANDS!..


Constant + Anticipation =



We all are but dancers at the...
Grotesque Gross-theque.

Such tech is dreck.



1 comment:

kikinotdee said...

I love all these ones, Testified by doubt seems to be something new?