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Here are 35 punnish word-combos.
[Warning] Some of these clues/answers may be offensive to some of you (politically incorrect or/and sexual).
Also, I make no claim of absolute ownership to any of these, nor do I make any claims of necessarily correct spelling (neither in clues nor in answers).
[Answers in comments to this post.]
Some of these I may have already posted on this blog.

For example, number 1 is "centri-fudge".

1) a rotating device used to make a chocolate dessert.
2) the world a loner lives within.
3) the almost-circle which is the final doom.
4) How one sits on the toilet.
5) a not-that-hungry eater of human flesh.
6) accused terrorists planning to give us all diarrhea.
7) transforming from one symbolic representation into another.
8) a rotation lasting forever.
9) a really hot pepper.
10) a moronic soldier. (politically incorrect)
11) where email and webpages are never working right.
12) who the majority believes... but they should not.
13) a collection of words/grammer 'used by them kids' and hipsters.
14) the monetary system where we are all poor.
15) the leader who turns against his/her country by turning against
16) words spoken at a coffee-shop.
17) Negro love-goddess.
18) a hand-cream to ease masterbation/intercourse.
19) a cutting-edge deity.
20) Granny with epilepsy has this. (PI, sorry)
21) Hitler's pustule.
22) a butt so big, it threatens to start a chain-reaction.
23) a whining never-satisfied actor/model.
24) (in USA) underage conservatives.
25) feelings that one will never pee again.
26) sexual arousal so great, it raises the dead.
27) a once only-phallic fruit, now resembling the parts of both
28) a perverted clown giving the-finger. (liberties with spelling)
29) a fictional-representation of real events experienced while
30) blurry Christ-like wounds.
31) climbing of steps alone.
32) movie about fighting inmates.
33) financial-theorist concerned only about him/her self.
34) damn funny.
25) what monsters get a shot of when getting hepatitus A.

Leroy Quet

1 comment:

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

1) centrifudge
2) introverse
3) apocellipse
4) fecal-position
5) can-nibble
6) enema combatants
7) metaphorphosis
8) eturnity
9) hellapeno
10) militard
11) the internot
12) popu-liar
13) slanguage (definitely unoriginal)
14) econ-no-money
15) dictraitor
16) espressions
17) Afro-dite
18) ejacalotion
19) avant-god
20) grand-ma seizure
21) Fas-cyst
22) critical ass
23) celebraty
24) Prepublicans
25) pissimism
26) reserection
27) binana
28) obscene jesture
29) dreamatization
30) astigmata
31) solistair
32) conflick
33) egonomists
34) hellarious
35) gamma goblin
(There must be some band names in this list...)

Some of these have alternative answers.

By the way, I didn't invent the idea for this kind of puzzle.

Leroy Quet