Monday, December 14, 2009

Delicately Dripping Dirty Dizziness

Blog post # 24:

The pictures in today's post all have names that start with a D.

Depicted In My Solitude


As some of you may know, I am an inventor of simple games.
But what is ironic is that I am one of the LEAST competitive people I know. As a matter of fact, I hate PLAYING games, even my own.
Hmmm... I wonder if I would enjoy entering a game-designing competition...

(See my games here: )


Depictions Of Direction

Now I am going to write about one of the topics I know the absolute LEAST about:

As a mostly unloved man (boo hoo, woe is me --- NOT!), I feel that love is one of the most over-rated things in existence. First of all, love is just an emotion, a concept. It is not a material substance. God and the universe are not "made of love", at least any more than they are made of everything else as well.

That said, love is infinitely better than hatred. It is infinitely better to adore humanity and seek peace and understanding and tolerance than it is to blow away that mother f'er who is knocking on your door just because he looks all wrong -- obviously.

And I am all for peace and understanding and tolerance, even though humanity surely doesn't deserve it sometimes.

But when it comes to the kind of love felt by any one person for another specific person, usually associated with physical attraction and all that stuff, I'm sorry, count me out.

I see NO point in it. And, as I said in an earlier blog post, it is SSSOOOO depressing.

I don't know why I am depressed by being in love. Maybe when I am in love, I am obsessed with being afraid that the one I love does not love me back or loves another person not me.
Maybe I have little to gain from dating, let alone from marriage.
Maybe it is my great fear of being judged.
Maybe it is my understanding that most relationships are MOSTLY based on physical attraction -- and this is bigotry against the less-attractive.
Maybe it is the fact that I don't feel like putting any one other person on a pedestal, whether she deserves that or not.

Or maybe I, unlike other people, just don't feel like idolizing an emotion, especially one that only takes from my well-being and gives nothing back.

In any case, bottom line: Love for humanity is much better than war, killing, hatered, bigotry.
But relationship love can serve no purpose in my life.

I am sure some of you may want to leave a comment regarding this topic. Please do.


Dimmest Cornea


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And finally, a joke of sorts.

The man at the group-therapy session says,
"There I was, I couldn't stop, I was spanking my kid yet again.
And I realized...
I hit bottom".


Leroy Quet

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