Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nonsensical Introspection

Blog post # 27:

I know how much you all hate my poetry. But I thought I would post the poem I wrote today anyway, since it is atypical of what I usually write. And it goes so well with the picture I did today.

Soul Of A Nonconforming Flower

Horizontal Flower

Horizontal flower -- images of thoughts -- turned --
Bent amongst the crook in such a halting
Stem -- devoid of leaves -- devoid of thorns --
Turning -- becoming the greenish purple -- rotation --
Thoughts of images -- protruding leftward -- petals
Each lenticular -- asleep are the flowers, are
The trees and vines -- the sky does not know them
-- It does not know of these floral truths -- yes --
The flower is nonconforming in its perpendicularity --
It has drooped in its transparent forgetfulness --
Yes, it flows horizontally unto the horizon -- and
I observe this exceptional soul -- for, it
Sleeps, as all life within the dome above us --
It slumbers and defies its determination to
Ascend -- it drapes its imagination across
Its solitude -- and it is distinct in its
Diagonals -- it is now dreaming -- it dreams
Of its depictions -- it is now dreaming of its
Verticality -- it dreams of its shape not quite strange,
Not quite as a flower or as any such perennial or
Annual obvious and poetic and yet otherwise free.

(Sorry for that, people.)


As you may have noticed, I have a poll now. The poll-idea is Blogger's, and they have an app for that.
I neglected to include among the options "Horror movie". And if I change the poll questions, the previous responses are erased. So, in the mean time, clicking on "Action thriller" or "Documentary" will have to do if you had a nightmare, unless of course your nightmare was more like a music video.

I also allowed too much time before I close the poll and switch the question. (Poll questions are only good for a week, tops, in my opinion.) Next time I will shorten the polling time.


I was going to wait until Crass-mas Eve or Crass-mas Day to post the following anti-Christmas carol. But by UNpopular demand (I alone demanded it), I will post it today. (!)

I Don't Celebrate Christmas

I don't celebrate Christmas.
Christmas is not for me.
So stop telling me to enjoy myself,
Just let me be.

I don't celebrate Christmas.
Christmas is the most overrated holiday.
I don't worship the Baby Jesus
Or kneel down and pray.

I don't have the Christmas cheer.
On Christmas I don't hang-out with anyone.
I just stay away from family and friends.
They don't know how to have fun.

I don't give away presents, 'cause
I don't have any money to spare.
I don't put up Christmas lights.
I would not dare.

I don't believe in Santa Claus.
I suspect that he's a fraud.
I don't sing Christmas carols.
Some of them are rather odd.

I don't yell Christmas greetings
to strangers on the street.
I don't pass out candy
or any other kind of treat.

I don't celebrate Christmas.
Christmas is not for me.
So, ho ho ho, Christmas can go.
But I'll keep the part about being merry.




Christie said...

Am I allowed to vote in the poll again? I voted yesterday about Tuesday night's dream, but my dream last night was even funnier! I don't want to mess up the results with a double-vote.

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

I think you are allowed to only vote once, BUT you may change your vote. Maybe. In any case, it lets me change my vote (yes, I voted in my own poll) if I want to.

Christie said...

Thanks! My dream the other night was funny, too. Those are the kinds of dreams I usually have, I guess!

Christie said...

I just had to let you know that I had yet another hilarious dream last night. It never stops over here! (Last night, your father was in my dream, played by Alec Baldwin. Ha!)