Sunday, December 20, 2009


Blog post # 26:

I should delete yesterday's post. A poem, followed by politics, politics, politics. I know I must have lost lots of readers with that one.
(By the way, hello out there to NOBODY at all!!)


Peace on Earth.

A nice sentiment, if ANYONE took it seriously!
Talk about a meaningless platitude. It's right up there with "Fair and balanced" in terms of meaninglessness.

Yeah, peace is fine for all those other people. But me, hey, MY fights and battles are part of "just" conflicts!


I have realized that "Peace on Earth" has the acronym "Poe".

When will we finally see real peace on Earth, you ask?



Of the six unpublished (except here) pictures I have done since I updated my art website,
this is my favorite:

Coincidence Of Cosines

Funny thing, though. Whenever someone tells me they like a particular picture of mine, I almost always HATE that picture.
I guess people really dislike the very pictures of mine I like the most.
Yet, I shouldn't play favorites with my pictures. That is like playing favorites with your children.

But, anyway, sorry you don't enjoy the picture I posted today. But just know I have produced something much better (or in other words, much worse).


Those in the know are suffering angst, or so I hear, about what to name the first decade of the 21st Century.
So far, things have gone quite badly for us Earthlings this decade.

So, I propose we call it "The 'OH, NO!' Decade".
As in zero-number (number being abbreviated "no"), for the last two digits in the year.
And as in the "Oh, stinkin' $*&@! *NNNOOOO*!!!! decade".

Spread the word.


Heaven or Hell or something else?

I wonder if after you die, your soul goes to a land where everything is REALLY FUNNY!...


Joke: Why can't we smell that foul-odored creature anymore?

Because it is now ex-stink-ed!

Gosh, this joke sure stank!


On a cheerier note: I had an idea:

A book of "visual" puzzles for the visually impaired.
(With such things as a pop-up maze, as well as other puzzles stamped onto the pages in relief.)

Someone out there want to do this?



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Amorphous Trapezoid said...

By the way, those arcs in my picture are NOT cosine curves. They are instead just elliptical arcs.