Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lost In The Maze

Blog post # 28:

All of life is a maze.

It is about time I post this maze. Click on it to get a larger version. Go from the upper left to the lower right, following the bluish paths. (You may want to print this up in order to make solving it easier.)


I made this picture just yesterday.

Supposition Made Of Mania


Okay, I am pissed. I promised myself that this blog post would not degenerate into a depressing hate-fest for humanity. But what can I say? Human beings have repeatedly proven themselves to be pitifully vile and evil and bigoted. I won't go into detail about why my anti-humanity feelings have been recently renewed. There are plenty of reasons why. We are a failed species. Leave it at that. I think we are all damned.


Leroy Quet

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