Monday, January 11, 2010

Destroy! Destroy!

Blog post # 34:

Today's picture, made today:


I wrote a poem today that goes with this picture. But, lucky you, I will NOT post it here!

Suffice it to say, I used the word "ejecta" in the poem.
(And, no, I didn't mean ejecta in a sexual way.)


Thanks to everybody who has voted in my polls. There is only a little while before the polls (especially the top poll) close. Hurry up and vote if you haven't yet!

And, check out the heavy philosophical comments in the last blog post of mine (blog post # 33).



Chaos can be
to your health!


As some of you may know already, or could probably figure out yourself, I don't believe in love. Or at least I have a harder time believing in love than I do believing in Evil (with a capital E).

And don't get me started on sex. Sex is only for suckers and fuckers, I say!

But Evil; that exists in us all, even in me.

I was thinking the other day about this after I did something that perhaps was sinful.
I saw in the gutter an incredibly beautiful arrangement of ice crystals, given that the temperature outside was chilly.
Ah, nature's handiwork!
But, what did I do about this handiwork?
I quickly destroyed it with my foot, before I even had the chance to appreciate the icy artwork.

I notice that many people, maybe mostly men, have an inner desire to destroy beauty.
Doing so is like scratching an itch.
From bombing cities to raping women, beauty must be destroyed, some subconsciously believe.

I will make another confession. When I was really young, like 3rd grade, give or take, I had a secret desire to hunt and kill a fawn. Why? Because fawns are cute. Thankfully, I never carried out my desire. And the feeling went away.
Now, on the other hand, I don't even eat meat, let alone hunt for it, let alone most desire to hunt the cutest animals.

But I wonder why I had that feeling. It disturbs me that I did.

Yet I still destroy the icy artworks of nature. Am I a closet anti-environmentalist?


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