Sunday, January 24, 2010


Blog post # 38:

Here are two pictures, the first I made 2 days ago, and the second I made yesterday.

A Dream Inscribed

An Annulus Of Atrophy


I will get the politics out of the way first. I will put up another poll soon. Tell me, on a scale from 1 to 7 -- 1 being the most right-wing conservative there is, 7 being the most left-wing progressive there is, 4 being absolutely moderate -- where your personal political viewpoint falls. I am trying to get an idea of where my reader(s) are/is.
(The poll is anonymous.)

One more political rant in this blog-post, then some less evil stuff.

The New American Order:

The three branches of government (before the recent Supreme Court decision on corporate campaign donations, even more so after):

1- The Big Business Branch
2- The Corporate Branch
3- The Big Money Branch

Yes, as many have feared, say goodbye to ANYTHING that is even remotely progressive EVER AGAIN (as in, for forever) coming out of Washington (at least after the next Congress is seated).


A possible solution to the health-care crisis:

Everyone go to medical school. Then when we get sick, we can all treat ourselves!


Everyone I know who knows I am nearsighted tells me to get some glasses. My friends and family have even offered to chip in for a pair for me.

But no thanks, I keep saying. Why go without glasses?

A dozen reasons, not the whole list of why:

1) I don't want people thinking I am smarter than I really am.
2) I don't want people thinking I am stupider than I really am. (Think of what Sarah Palin has done for glass-wearers' public image.)
3) Glasses would make me more attractive, and I don't feel like dating right now.
4) Glasses would make my vision worse. Not wearing glasses trains the eye to see better.
5) Some things look better blurry, and I don't want to have to keep taking my glasses off and putting them on constantly.
6) The world is an ugly ugly place.
7) I hate all the glasses styles that are popular these days.
8) I hate the type of glasses style that would go best with my face.
9) I fear getting hit in the face with something. (Hence, shards.)
10) I would break them right away. The only kind of glasses I can afford break REALLY easily. Then my eyes will be weaker because I was wearing glasses before, but I wouldn't have my glasses anymore.
11) Getting used to wearing glasses gives me a headache.
12) Glasses act as an antenna to channel the mind-control waves into your brain. (MOSTLY joking here.)



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