Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bleed The Breath Seeping

Blog post # 31:

Well, happy new year to all of you!

I was thinking today that "New Years Day" should for everyone be our birthdays, a different day for every person.
Because your birthday is when you have lived an integer multiple of a year, give or take.
And Jan 1 does not have any real astrological significance.
Why not end the year a week sooner on the Winter Solstice? Why wait a handful of days after the solstice for the arbitrarily-set date to end the year? It makes no real sense.

So, I say, either end the year on the exact solstice, either solstice or equinox for that matter, or start the new year on your own birthday, with a different new year for everyone.


I must make a resolution. No more politics in my blog!
I want this blog to be FUN. Why mess that up with the BS of politics?


More New Years stuff:

You know how I feel about the coming year? Not optimistic.
But I am also a little confused. I had a dream the other night that I was riding side-saddle on a horse that was walking backwards. I think that accurately describes how I feel about entering the new year...


I did this picture today.

Bleed The Breath Seeping

I actually don't like this picture very much. (So, consequently, lots of you will probably like it -- see earlier post about how I and you all don't always agree on what pictures are my best.)

I had to post it, though, because:
1) I felt like I had to post SOME picture, whatever it is; and I didn't feel like searching through my pictures for something better.
2) Most importantly: I like this picture's name.



If I suspect that there is no god(s), and if I am not offended by sex or excrement, then I should come up with new cuss-words for people like me.
"God!", "fuck!", "shit!", and "damn!" don't cut it for us.

How about "Cheney!".
Now, THAT is properly offensive.

Or how about "kill!" or "torture!".
"Bless you too", the right-wingers who hear us cuss will say,... before they call the authorities on us.

Maybe "genocide!" or "ignorance!".



"e pluribus unum!", which isn't offensive, per se, but it sure is fun to say loud.


Okay, my blood is boiling with all those invocations, especially of "typo!".

I think I will have some politics anyway.

I know, I know. I resolved to have NO MORE POLITICS.
But I lied. And that is appropriate, since politicians are all liars.

[Warning! Politics alert! Warning! Politics alert!]

I have been frequenting a liberal blog website that takes comments. They recently put up an article about how there are calls from certain "important" people for ethnic profiling of Muslims and even for "Muslim-only lines" at airport security.
(See my earlier 2 posts for more about that.)

Well, this is why I am pissed: There have been over 200 comments to that blog post. And 85% to 90% (!) of them say "Screw 'political correctness'! PLEASE. Let's HAVE profiling of those rotten stinking Muslims"!
Remember, this is a LIBERAL website. I hate to think the kind of vitriol that is on Bill O'Reilly's website, for instance, if he has a website.
Sure, many of those posting comments are right-wingers, but the vast majority!?

And, add to this my outrage about the supposed fact that 58% of Americans support TORTURING the X-mas day terrorist guy, while almost half of that number, 30% oppose torturing him.
Yes, the poll was supposedly done by a right-leaning polling organization (whose name I cannot spell. It starts with an R.)
But a *2 to 1 ratio* of pro-torturers to people with at least a little humanity!?

And Americans wonder why "they*" hate us so!

*[Most of the world, I think, by now.]


Hopefully Obama will do the right thing about all of this etnic-profiling garbage. You all know that I have misgivings about the Obama adminstration. ("Hope" and "Change" have morphed into "Hype" and "Cheney-esque"!)
But I must defend him here.
Recently, certain people in de facto power (Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, some Republicans in Congress, some right-wing pundits) have been criticizing President Obama for the FAILED terrorist attack-attempt on Christmas.

Well. Let us take you back to 9-11-01.
Remember how EVERYBODY, it seemed, was uncritical of the Bush administration after that attack?
United We Stand, remember?!
To criticize the Bush administration was essentially considered a traitorous act, as I recall.

As a matter of fact, Karl Rove, one of the very people criticizing Obama now, was likely behind the whole "United We Stand" the-Bush-administration-can-do-no-wrong nonsense meme after those attacks -- even though, as we have seen, the Bush administration COULD and DID do wrong (dare I say EVIL) after those attacks!

And those people criticizing Obama now after the recent event, are they TRAITORS!? By their own definitions, they would be!

I hate politics.

Leroy Quet

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