Monday, October 28, 2013

Paralleladoxically Incommensurreal

Blog-post # 402:
(402 = 2*67*3.)

Nine new computer-art inanimations:

Inflections Transposed Into Their
Own Theorems Of Transposition

Its Indescribably Counterclockwise
Counter-Inflections Of Iridescence

Meaningless Is The Essence Of This
Obscured So, If So This Is Dreamt

Therein The Hemispherical
Uncertainties Herein Unrevealed

The Truths Never Less Known Than
What Else Is As Unperceivable

Many Of Any Counterclockwise
Few-nesses Are As Uncountable

Corollaries Co-Correlated Unto
Meaninglessness, Yet Into Meaning

Non-Parallel With Every Geometry;
Unparallel To Every Paradox


(See below about the
bottom image's name.)

(Some of these may require
viewing at a high-resolution
to best view them. The top
image might be the largest
image, in terms of data,
I have ever posted here --
not that that helps it any.)

(Only three.)

The incommensurable grays:
Many things become surreal.


Thusly, as formulated totals
yet still are theorized:...
The zero surely adds that to
itself to sum all reality.


Inside those
zigzags' dimensions:...
Ghosts imagined
dizziness' noise.


Those opposed to a certain
supercollider* creating a
black-hole, which then destroys
the Earth, might be a bit...


*(Would this collider
at CERN then be a..

Emotional geologists can
get very nostalgically..


(about the VERY old days,..
millions and billions of
years ago).


Which bodily substance is
the most hemispherical?

'HEMI-GLOBE-in', of course.


The Lone Ranger, you know,
later became an oncologist.

Yeah, he became quite a..
doctor, indeed.

(So many jokes must have
already been made about
'on-call oncologists',
that I will just leave
it at this.)

A loud argument is a..



To asininely assume some
nonsensical thing:

To.. 'assinume'.

Possible offensiveness..]

I heard that a significant
number of the ancient Greeks
practiced bisexuality.

But I would not even...
on that necessarily being so.

[Warning: Even more
offensive offensiveness,
ie. politics.]

They say to we Americans
(starting when we are young),
"We are free."

Yes, we are SO free here, that
we are.. 'FREEDOM-free', even!

(That be
are we!
{Oh, Hell. Orwell.})

[Quite a portmanteau.]


Noun (yet only somewhat) --
The strangeness so strange as to
be non-comparible even to itself
or with every other unmeasurable
concept and aspect; as it is
unlike any subjective object or
any objective subject, and is
less like each dissimilarity or
similarity or comparison (and
is else less like such concepts
of what concepts sometimes are).


If a dreamer dreams that he/she
is given a box with a surprise
inside, is there any meaning to
what is 'actually' in the box
before the dreamer opens it to
see what the surprise "really"
is {and "was" while the
contents were unknown}?

And I suppose there would be
even less significance to the
"actual" contents if the
dreamer never opens the box
before waking {and never
dreams again of that box}.

This seems so much to me to
be like quantum-physics and
its collapsing wave-functions
of our "reality".
Does the situation of the dream
I describe render the contents
even more absolutely meaningless,
though, given that these hidden
contents only "exist" inside
a dream?

([{But I will tell you what
was in this box so dreamt
and never opened:..
Only the very concept
of our uncertainty..}])



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