Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Truth Thickened By Its Own Hollowness

Blog-post # 336:
(336 = 3*2*2*2*2*7.)

Six new images.

Dimensionality Of Furthered Nihilism

Unusually Unusual, Quasi-usually

What Solely It Has Solely Had

Sums Of Some Corpus Callosum

Algebraically Corroded Cosmology

Eclipse Hidden By Its Diffraction


(Only 5 today.
Most of these are 'greater';
However, the other one is
somewhat of 'a regret' of mine.
Whoops, six anagrams now.)

Wise beauty of the flea's webs
impresses all its prey
sent there, alas.
But these flies, bees, wasps;
their nests are follies,
are always empty.


Ah, some moon's butterfly
wanes again.
The sun is aloft anew..
as my boomerang.


A conical thing:
It can coil, hang.


Analogously using a ruse,..
as in your soul's language.


Carnivorous flesh
so very regretted:
The cravings for
ourselves yet do err.

(The other stuff..)

It is less,... unless..
it is un-less..


They say that "Beauty is
in the eye of the beholder".

That is why I don't wear my
(needed) glasses.

Because I want to see with
my.. 'naked eyes'..


You know what was
an honest mistake?

Ever being honest..

("You Humans DESERVE all the
lies told to you! HaHaHaHa!")

Humming birds?!..

No, it is the hummin' humans!

(Because only the birds..
know the words.)


You know why the Industrial Age
brought the 'Fall' Of Humanity?

Because of all its..



You know why being a (straight)
fashion-reporter would be much
more preferable to me than
being a plumber?

Because which would you think
I think is better? Hmm?..

Plunging necklines?..
plunging sewer-lines?..


It's true..

Gamblers ARE the..
'better' people..


If your ship is lost at sea,
maybe the problem is that
you have a..

(My ship is lost, but that
is only because I can't
remember where I stored it.
You seen it?)


"You know, some middle-aged guy
rang my doorbell, then he left
and came back later and rang it
again; then he left and came back
yet again and rang it."

"You mean, a.. Boomer rang?"..


There is balance among the graves
there (where the dead are all..
feng shui'ed to rest), at the..



The best thing about dying?

No need to pack or unpack!

(Or so said the comedian I must
have heard a long time ago --
and that comedian was old THEN,
and his joke was even older
than he then was. .. Well, guess
he didn't have to later.. pack,..
at the very least..)

Perhaps, it's not a
"slip of the tongue"
to say some people have
"stung with their lips".


Let's get-down with the

Something to tell the idiots
during an argument with them:
('Idiots', as in,
almost everybody.)

"Come on, be a big kid now;
use your THOUGHTS!"


Why did they ever say,
"Yo' mama wears combat boots!"?

(To which they might follow-up
by saying,..
"And our country thanks
yo' mama for her service."..)

(I mean, WHAT did that put-down
even mean!? Why was it even bad?)



They say that
"Anything is possible".

Even that everything
is impossible?

Or by "anything", do they really
mean "something"?
As in,
"Yes, SOMETHING is possible".

Maybe it is possible that
something is possible.

(And finally this blog-post's
title makes sense to me now.)


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