Saturday, April 10, 2010

Calling For Blood

Blog post # 60:

3 pictures, each made sometime over the last 4 days.

Flatness Upon Roundness Upon Cusps

Thicknesses Foreseen

Somewhat A Complement

Sorry that these pictures suck.


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Also, I answered that puzzle about the numbers 0 through 9. See the comments section of blog post # 56 ("Scramble") for the solution.


In the Too-Much-Information Department:
I am so opposed to having my own children -- not that I can get any woman to procreate with me anyway -- that I have decided that I will probably like to stay celibate until I am old enough that menopausal women are attractive to me... Then, no worries about having kids! And no need for a vasectomy! Woooo-hoooo!


You know what is nauseating to me? Food that is not, in my mind, supposed to be sweet, but it has even a little sugar added to it.
For example, why do they add sugar to canned beans (and not just to baked beans), spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, salsa, etc.?

I want to puke!

Ironically, though, if something like peanut butter has a LOT of sugar in it, it is REALLY tasty to me. But if it has just a little sugar, there better be a toilet nearby, because I am going to vomit.


[Politics Alert! Warning! Warning!]

President Obama, as you may know, has given the okay for the US government to try to kill US citizens overseas without trial. Obama actually has always had a "license to kill" when it comes to assassinating -- all without the use of any trials -- so-called "insurgents", "militants", foreign civilians (allegedly by accident, but we know better), and now American citizens. He can carry out these assassinations (murders, really) with the use of the US military, the CIA, and unmanned drones, for example.

I guess the president is...



Speaking of the US president, Obama's nominee for the Justice Department's Office of Legal Council, Dawn Johnson, has withdrawn her name for consideration. Why has she? Because she was heavily criticized by Republican lawmakers. Why the criticism? Because...


Yes, she DARED to criticize the Bush administration's use of torture and the attempts at justifying torture by the Bush administration's own Office of Legal Council!
Geesh, I'm surprised her name was ever considered! I THOUGHT I was just joking when I said I must be a FAR FAR LEFT ULTRA-Progressive just because I oppose torturing innocent people to death, but now I see that that was literally the case!


Speaking of the Bush administration and the torturing of innocent people to death:

Now it turns out the President Bush personally knew that the majority of inmates at Guantanamo were COMPLETELY INNOCENT!!!

But you know what, most of these inmates were *still* TORTURED, some TO DEATH!
(And the cover-ups of these deaths continue.)

I have had arguments on-line with rightwingers who say that "terrorists" don't deserve ANY human rights, not even the right not to be tortured to death. And these rightwingers claimed that ALL of the Guantanamo inmates were evil terrorists.

And remember how it was said by Cheney and such that those in Guantanamo were "the worst of the worst"?

Well, now it comes out that Cheney knew too about the vast majority of the inmates being innocent, but he thought that to get just a few terrorists, it was justified to lock up INDEFINITELY and TORTURE hundreds of INNOCENT men (mostly just because of their nationalities and religion)!


Yet Cheney and Bush still walk free, not even being investigated by the Obama administration, let alone prosecuted.
If real terrorists don't deserve any human rights, let alone innocent people accused of terrorism, then these REAL TERRORIST MONSTERS certainly do not deserve ANY human-rights themselves!!!!



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