Thursday, April 1, 2010


Blog post # 57:

Pictures, made the day before yesterday, and made today:

Toxic Viscosity

Aspects Of Subsets


Right after I post this blog, I am going to post a new poll.

Which nonsense word do you like best?


Then, after this new poll closes, I will have a vote on some of the winning word's possible definitions.
(No longer simply nonsensical, it'll be.)


Speaking of language, I have one thing to say about Spanish.

I can't roll my r's,

but I sure can roll my i's!...


My eyes are ringing...


First a little politics (BEWARE!), then some poetry (DOUBLE-BEWARE!):

I am a little on the left, politically. I'm not exactly a hippy. But let me tell you how progressive I am.

I am, as many of you must know by now, SSSSOOO far left that I am even against...
whether in my name or just because you are some crazy loner (nothing against loners, I'm one myself) who kidnaps pretty ladies to torment. (I'm not one of THOSE kind of loners, though.)

As a matter of fact, I am so against torturing innocent people to death, then covering it up, that I am even EVIL. (That is because the accepted morality of these times demands support of torture to be pure of heart.)

You could say that I am SSOO evil and left wing that I am an...

Antisocial Socialist.

Hey. Call me bloody pinko.


You know what is scary?

Scientists are working on ways -- for the benefit of private corporations, intelligence agencies, and the military -- to manipulate us and control us. (For example, just yesterday there was a story about how a magnetic field applied to the correct part of the brain can supposedly switch off your moral judgement. Now, I don't know why the military would want to apply THAT to the brains of new recruits!...)

Anyway, the breakdown is now like this:

Religion controls politics.
(This is self-evident.)
Politics controls science.
And science controls YOU!
(Religion controls you directly, too.)

Bottom line, it is all about control. And YOU are at the bottom of this pyramid scheme.


Okay, as I warned, poems! Written the day before yesterday and today.



These drips droop in disarray. And you
Sip the sap now toxic, now intoxicating, yes.
But that metaphorical amber is surely
A literal and lateral extraction from such an
Oxymoronic wood. It is surely a timid syrup
Made via the absolutions now themselves
Fermented. And these drips droop downwardly
From your cup, from that sickening pulp.
But you do drink again such sugars. You do
Again taste the ambiguous salt and its liquid
Exaggeration. Yes, these drips allude to our
Humanity formed from coincidence and its
Substances. And you drink those droplets sweetly
Delicate, yes. You drink those sticky globules
Of conformity, of purpose. And they deceive your
Enlightenment. Oh, they only vainly deny
Your tongue its imperfections. They only deny
Your soul the very viscosity itself intrusive
And weirdly tangy.


Idiotic Spirals

Idiotic spirals tilt in these increments within
Such a mathematical sum. And as meaninglessly as
In my typical dreams, I only prove that they
Cannot connect to any theorem formed from
Elastic or mental blubber. Oh, idiotic spirals
Each conform to the loxodromes of Mercury's moon.
But I detest the equilibrium composed as tantrums
In this curled shape. Ah, I design the ambiguity
Conforming to my uncertainty, ha. Yet the spirals
Are transformative and not erudite. They are
Revolting in their illiterate revolution about
Pseudo-circumferences compromised by thought. Oh, I
Am tangled amongst those linear substances, surely.
And I do again draw the sequences of those spirals.
For, they are plagiarized via their winding. And they
Are inert within their entropy. Yes, they spin
And are added and somehow multiplied. Then they
Forget this learned truth of our existence. They
Forego their minds' geometries once converging
Inwardly, once idiotic, once segmented into every
Limbic excretion of that articulated symbolism,
Of that porous algebra absurdly actual.



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