Saturday, April 17, 2010

Of Lies And Truths

Blog post # 62:

These two pictures I made yesterday and today.

Shapeless Colors

Inertia Sipped




Here are some anagrams.




(I love this one, but I am CERTAIN that I heard it before. I especially appreciate that it is a double entendre and that it is likely true whichever way you interpret it.)


The last two have accurately described the people named. But I sure hope the next one does not!



Speaking of Obama, you have heard of the "Birthers", right?
Well, I propose those liberals who are with it mentally, in contrast, call themselves the...

(Earthers to Birthers. Earthers to Birthers. Come in, Birthers.)

Speaking of Birthers. WHY do these people want to use such a lame excuse to unseat President Obama? Do they REALLY want Joe Biden to be our president instead!? I really don't think they would like that either.


Back in the day...
I used to try to make up clever lies on those occasions where I needed a story to cover my tracks. But then I realized, hey, the best "lie" is usually THE TRUTH! Yes, the best story -- best in so many ways -- usually is the one that REALLY DID happen!

So, before you lie your way out of something, next time ask yourself, would it really be so bad if I told the actual truth? Maybe it would be even BETTER than any lie!

Trust me.


More politics. WARNING! WARNING!

No matter who is running for president, I think every presidential election the choice is between ultimate pure evil and the candidate who is only infinitely worse still.

USA = Unaccountable Sadistic Assholes.
That is the way I feel, really. Pure evil ALWAYS gets away with it, while true heroic patriots are only prosecuted as terrorists or as traitors. (Yes, even under Obama.)

Maybe it was actually BETTER when GW Bush was president. Obama = Bush in so many ways. (Yes, we still torture. No, you don't have any rights or liberties. No, you never will!)

But WORSE than Bush? Well, you see, Bush wasn't fooling anybody!


"Right-wing think-tank" is an oxymoron. Well, not the "tank" part.


A poem: This poem I just wrote today. It is an ode to the second picture above.

Of Perfection's Claw

Beheld and held, still within the edge, the grasp
Of perfection's claw, it rests just precisely upon
The ripples it presumes. And it just touches
The concentric whispers of this water's vanguard.
It just barely seems to imagine its resemblance as
Somewhat a nautilus, somewhat a loop of being.
And it creates the outward rings of our interaction.
But we dare to seek its sipping tongue. Yes, we
Behold and hold it aloft against its flotation.

For, in the syrup beneath it, it is transformed
Into transparent air made of water and equilibrium.
But it stays suddenly amongst this pivot between it
And its own cutting spikes. Yes, it demands its
Position within its balance, within that partition
Of space into substance and again into thoughts
Of winglessness, into thoughts of claws and knives
Themselves cleaved, themselves stubbornly poised,
Stubbornly and delicately woven as such ripples,
Woven as such inertia ambivalently strung.



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Amorphous Trapezoid said...

I googled it. "He bugs Gore" gets 6600 hits.
While "'A Hitler' 'The Liar' anagram" gets 425 hits.

Not original at all. But I suspected that.