Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Thorn Unimagined

Blog post # 260:
(260 = 2*5*13*2.)

Astronomies Once Obsolete

An Unlikely Unimagination

Anarchically Analytical

Quasi-Mathematical Desecration

Within Withered Ooze

(I think I prefer "An Unlikely Unimagination" -- the second from the top -- the best this time. But it looks better at a higher resolution.)


Unaccidentally: Anagrams:

Retort, Sir?!


Unimagined Thorn
Ruin nothing made.


And/or only guys.


All its weirdness
News is still read.


There is tons of
brain-Washington (DC)
goin' on!


I'm not now "middle-aged"!

No, it is better to say that
I'm now "medieval-ed"!


Kids are too difficult for me to ever take care of.
(Good thing the ladies all agree with me that I should never have children!)

For instance, it seems that all toddlers
like to eat lead paint, if they could.
And then they finally grow out of that,
and grow...
until they are teenagers.
Then they all seem to want to
SMOKE lead paint!..

(Kids are funny that way.)



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