Saturday, January 28, 2012

Severed Aesthetics

Blog post # 261:
(261 = 3*29*3.)

Semi-Diagonal Concentricities

Outlandishly Somewhat

Deviation From Dreams

Unaccelerated By Ascent


I am not incredibly ultra-happy about any of these images, but I think I prefer the bottom two images the best. (And I like the name of the bottom image, "Meta-Mythological", because it is a counterpoint to the word "metaphysical".) I also somewhat (and outlandishly so) like the second image, "Outlandishly Somewhat".


Anagrams (just two, but I like them):

A sun is once paraphrased,
since sad auroras happen.

(^In honor of the recent solar-storm hitting Earth.)


Reality leaves me,
the loner is cast.
All aesthetics I
sever more neatly.


What's 'improper'?
An 'imp-roper'!...


(I KNOW this is unoriginal. But it is true.)

Reality is like a defunct perfume-factory.
It makes no scents.
And it is all out-of-odor.


Some new words/hyphenated word-pairs to consider:

Allwhat .. (as opposed to "somewhat")
.. Allwise!


(Speaking of being quasi-extreme..)

I had a movie idea. But I am definitely not going to write the screenplay. I won't even write a summary just a little more detailed than the one I am about to write here. That would be too hard. And... probably too dangerous (if it gets out).

(I am unaware of the plots of most movies/fiction that have been written/produced, especially over the last couple decades. Please forgive me if this story has already been written/produced. The title may also be unoriginal -- most likely definitely is.)

Title: "The Lobbyist"

A high-powered Washington DC lobbyist moonlights as a political assassin,
killing those politicians, as well as business executives, other lobbyists, and political-activists, who oppose whom and what he is lobbying for (at least at first).

Maybe as the movie progresses, he has self-doubt or something, and starts killing off not just those politicians who are opposed to the causes he has been lobbying for, but other politicians and others also... or something..

This all could be some kind of metaphor for big-money in politics -- that big-money influence as a result of recent Supreme Court decisions and of just plain corruption by those (VICs) "Very Important" Criminals (not VIPs) in Washington.

Anyway, I am imagining this "lobbyist" is at least somewhat an antihero, if not necessarily a very sympathetic one.
(Or is that just a little too cliche??..)



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Psycho Babbling Basher said...

I love the Deviation From Dreams.
Something reaches out from the sphere in the centre like an third eye in deep slumber.