Friday, January 6, 2012

Cosmological Hippocampus

Blog post # 256:
(256 = 2*2*2*2*2*2*2*2. Too many 2's?)

Itself Imperfectly Impure

Whereabouts Of Everything

Contiguous Lopsidedness

Annihilation Of Shapelessness

Electromagnetic Hypocrisy

(These are all fine, okay, and swell. Tepidly fantastic, I guess.)

Anagrams, as always almost:

Note a cosmic error.
It arcs once or more.


Rip so, given a split.
Its overlapping is.


It's implied,
Its imp lied.


(It seems somewhat significant that)
"Not a gem" is the reversal of


(Speaking of impish megatons...)

[Warning! Dirty joke! Warning!]

Men's .. things.. often ...
.. LONG... for sex.


Not only is the
"cosmological hippocampus"
often philosophical,
but so is the "philosophical esophagus",
it's obvious.
The latter sleeps in the
sarcophagus among us.
Yes, it is a sarcastic sarcophagus, plus...
it knows of that hippocampus,
that particularly peculiar
cosmological hippocampus
thinking of a hippopotamus
and its esophagus thus
of a cosmos both cosmetic and chasmic
But also quite philosophical
(almost as much as filo dough, but not
as much as doughnuts, no. Do not
eat the doughnuts, despite
doubt doubly dubious).
Think of mental metal
or its metallic mentality
therefore thereafter
composed completely of computational
compounds, none of which are commies or
pounded, but yet are indeed
complexly perplexing,
as are the paradoxes of parabolic paragraphs
each implied as imps, as lies aware
of weird werewolves wrongly wrung
into such rings roundly rotund
but never rotary, unlike the rosaries
seen by my superstitious superlatives.
(Beware the super-laxatives.)
Think only of hypocritical criticalities, of
hippocampi hyperbolically superb, surely
but not certainly ascertained or so.

(Improvised impishness needing improvement!)



Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Hey Leroy, I am totally liking the blends of your art on patterns as a new twist.
Just sayin'. ;)

flip said...

I particularly like electromagnetic hypocrisy.

RJ said...

Loving these cosmological creations of crazy complexity... quite a cacophany of colour! :)