Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tough-Hate: moral, social, and intellectual retrogradation

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Bizarre Unstickiness

Otherwise As Likewiseness

All Reckless Symmetry

Explosively Quiet


Anagrams, of course.

See as scribbled
a Bible's screeds.


So like angry young verse,
an egg-yolk is never yours.


Its three-fourths
of his trust there.


Oh, sad pi arcs alone,
ah, as rope and coils.

(All absolutely abysmally awful.)


The last decade's worsening bigotries -- racial, ethnic, religious, political, sexually-orientational, etc -- (seemingly by and against almost everyone) not only contribute to our society's not-so-gradual dystopianization, which is accelerating for many other reasons too, but these bigotries also are often quite unjustified and tend to greatly increase the general overall ignorance of the whole of humanity, just as that very ignorance has in-turn itself led to an even greater amount of bigotry in society.

No. Society is NOT tending towards a more enlightened plane where racism and other bigotries are becoming less and less common.
Quite the opposite, despite what (unfortunately, fewer and fewer) people want to believe.

Maybe it is the internet and the ease now days that hateful people can spread their contagion of bigotry.
Or maybe it is even that America has elected a (half-)Black president (who is getting less and less popular among both liberals and conservatives).
Maybe it was the 9-11 attacks, and how they created a pandemic of xenophobia and irrational hysteria around the world, most notably in the US.

But, whatever the cause, it seems to me that people in America and elsewhere are on-average FAR more prejudiced today than they were a few decades ago.
Yes, being "politically-correct", for instance, is considered by most these days, it seems, to be far worse a crime than being a racist or any other kind of bigot.

Even the government -- which at least pretends to be the higher (unemotional) authority of truth and knowledge -- now days engages in mass-arrests sometimes based on racial-profiling and not much else -- just ask the Blacks and other minorities who have always been disproportionally harassed by the police around the country, or ask the Hispanics in some US states accused of being "illegals" (even if not), or ask some of the Arabs and Muslims accused of being "terrorists" by the US government (and sometimes arrested, held for maybe forever without trial or charges filed, and even tortured without any proof of their guilt at all... no 'proof' except their ethnicity in many cases).

I have read HORRIBLE comments online -- today in the 21 Century even -- about Blacks and Hispanics and gays and Muslims, etc that fill some message boards and internet forums almost unanimously.

All I can say is humanity itself will never achieve enlightenment. Never.
There are too many powers encouraging and even enforcing ignorance and mass-delusion.
Even science and environmentalism and world-peace are considered by many these days to be somehow "Satanic", or (worse) "elitist", or maybe something even worse still. We are definitely in moral, social, and intellectual retrogradation.

But, of course, when those very bigots who themselves are engaged in backwards-thinking have a chance to be critical of others (such as Muslims) and accuse those others of being backwards, the ugly slurs and the hateful slander are immensely forthcoming, of course.

But what am *I* to do about it?
People such as I still go on and on about how good it is to not be bigoted. But even some of us (maybe even I) are ourselves bigoted, at least to some degree. And people really tend to regret being told how to think. (Resulting in that backlash against being "politically-correct", I told you about.)

Anyway. Yeah, go ahead and be bigots, you asinine jerks.
But YOU are therefore a lesser person as a result. And even though you may be actually proud, even, of your bigotry and of your ignorance, remember that being ignorant and hateful are NOT good things (even when they do not directly harm anyone else, let alone when they do). You certainly will get your comeuppance for your stupidity.
And being a bigot IS a sin, if you believe in that kind of thing such as sin.
YOU, as a bigot, are therefore inferior as a human-being. In fact, bigots are SUBHUMAN, the very kind of vile pathetic failures they sometimes angrily and always hypocritically accuse others of being (often wrongly, by the way).




jamiessmiles said...

Personally I believe the over a decade at war is responsible for the rise in bigotry. In order for war to become sustainable and "moral" to it's people there has to be an "us against them" mentality. The problem with this is that, of course, it then seeps in to other areas of life. If you are not us, then therefore you must be them. War always brings a rise in prejudice, because the only way people can justify the killing of innocence is not believing them, by nature of their ethnicity, nationality, religion, etc, to be innocent. That these people are somehow born flawed or violent, that they are less than us.
This feeds into all the prejudices that the country used to find so socially unacceptable. Suddenly it is okay to revert back to terms of "those people". And once it becomes acceptable to accept those divisions against one group of people is it really such a stretch to extend it to other people who are not like you?

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Thanks for the good comment, Jamie! Nice seeing you here as well. Too bad your great comment will be almost completely unread, however, since I get very little traffic to my blog, and still far fewer people read my blog's comments.

Kevin Routh said...

You're right Leroy, that was a thoughtful, powerful comment by Jamie - I agree 100%.