Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Blog post # 262:
(262 = 2*131.)

Astronomical Impropriety

Arctangents Suspiciously Unmade

Diameters Depleted



An anagram times three:

Pieces lost...
to eclipses.


Imbalances At Rest
A limber stance sat.


It seems within...
when its time is.


So, there is so-called "head-cheese".
Why not then "limb-cheese"?
(Not to be confused with kimchi.)

Then we could have limb-cheese burgers!
Makes sense, since we already now have
Limburger cheese!...


Yeah yeah, old joke:
Why do they still call it a "bathroom" even when there is no bathtub in it?

Maybe they should call it instead the
"inside-out house".

Whoops, I mean, the "inside out-house".

It's all how you hyphenate it
(and hype it).
Hyphen it!
(However, the hypothetical hyphen-hype is hyper-hypnotizing.)

Enough of the hyper-hyphenation!



The vague merging of the many:


Even math has its plusses.


Even insurance-companies have their benefits.



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