Saturday, February 4, 2012

As The Obliqueness Obliges

Blog post # 263:
(263 = a prime, perhaps.
I'm never sure about those purported primes.)

Uprightly Sideways

Unendingness Imploded

Unapologetically Gibbous Crescent

Addends Anti-Superimposed

An Idiotic Cosmos


Just two anagrams today:

As the obliqueness...
has lines be quotes.


A pincher
Her panic


Our sadistic pseudoscience
is our... sado-science.

(Sado-scientific is all such politics, chemistry, psychology and psychiatry, physics, metaphysics, and mathematics determined to impose itself against and into our innocent minds.
And we each will hellishly succumb, as it has been overwhelmingly determined, to that excessively wicked experimentation.)


A little cheerier:..

If a group reluctantly agrees to something, despite their mutual anger amongst themselves, then they are all in...


If you can't work because you suffer from chronic vertigo,
then you have a ... dizzy-bility...


(Mitt Romney is not the poor-man's Mormon.)

He is indeed a Mormon of Mammon.

(He's more, man. He's the man with more.)



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Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Love the humour in the puns Leroy! Woot!