Monday, February 20, 2012

Inconsequence Coincidentally Consequential

Blog post # 268:
(268 = 2*67*2.)

Misanthropic Misshapenness

Beheld Thus In Misspellings

Pseudo-Geometric Indeed

Amorphously Unabsurd

(I like most of these.)


Anagrams (3):

A note retraced
And/or etcetera


Water fountains
An art is unto few.


Anti-geometrical, as so
Again coils, rotates me.


(Not so much more today.)

White Supremacism is a ...

(Ah, a little alliteration, although
only phonetically so, and also, alas,
it all consists of consistent phoniness
(phonetically), of course --
and thus this is coarsely concerning.)

(No more today.
So go vote in my poll, which is soon to close.)


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