Friday, December 30, 2011

A Loxodrome Yet Unto Us

Blog post # 254:
(254 = 2*127.)

Omnisciently Ludicrous

Refraction Of Its Imbalance

Departure From Spectra

Counterpoint Of Clumsiness

(I myself most like the top two images, "Omnisciently Ludicrous" and "Refraction Of Its Imbalance".)
(Can I even be an adequately adept critic of my own works?

.... Some critics are ... hypocritics,...
I guess I would be,
given the title of my blog,
a ... hypercritic,.. however.)


Anagrams (to annoy):

Then I shun so our God only of His,
enshrouding no foolish youths.


As doom to lure you next,
a loxodrome yet unto us.


Destined then knowing.
Ending is when knotted.


I wonder if it would be okay for some of those who try to not eat any gluten to perhaps instead eat baked-goods containing...
.. free-range gluten?...


Hugh Hefner, he hoards hordes of whores.


[Warning! Potential offensiveness ahead!]

Speaking of whores, I bet many of them get...
.. silly-cone implants!...

[Now we are safe again.]

I wonder how far back puns go. Maybe they go back to the beginnings of language itself.

Cavemen sitting around:
"We're definitely disgruntled!"



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