Tuesday, December 20, 2011

As All And More

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(251 = a prime?)

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Truth's Subhuman Morality

Contemptible Chrysalis

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Extensive Abruptness


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Mandala's Lore
As All And More


They say it's a recession.
They say, no, it's a depression.
Actually, it's all suppression
and repression.


I have long thought that there isn't any God, not a "good" god anyway.
But maybe... maybe there indeed IS a Devil, however.
This Devil is in all of us.

Instead of the "Holy Spirit" being within us, I would say the "Hellish Spiter" is in us actually.

Yes, maybe It Spites all our attempts to be "saved".
And we ALL -- whatever our beliefs -- go to Hell.

After all, we are there now already, possibly.

But it is likely about to get still MUCH worse for almost all of us.
(For all except only those who actually most deserve to burn in Hell.
They, on the other hand, will do quite nicely in the worsening dystopia, thank you.)

Justice is dead.
Injustice is truth.


Okay. Cheer up.

Hey, I want to see the GOP presidential nominee's (whomever they turn out to be) birth-certificate!

Oh, I already assume they are an American.
I just want to have it proved to me they are at all HUMAN!...


Hey, most of us should know by now that dieting tends to be counterproductive.
It only makes you fatter in the end...
and all over the rest of you too!...


You know what the bigot told the black guy whom didn't appreciate the racist joke he just told?
Hey, why can't you just lighten up?!...


Most porn-stars actually have a lot of acting-experience under their belts...


(Mea culpa, me apologize for any of these jokes I stole from someone else. I swear any I stole, I did so by accident. Yet I should be a LOT more careful about possibly stealing than I am.)


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