Monday, December 26, 2011

Cosmically Chasmic

Blog post # 253:
(253 = 23*11.)

Approximately Abysmal

As Derelict Radii

Metaphorically Non-metaphorical

Resemblances Of Dissimilarities

Malformed Emptiness

(I like the top image, "Approximately Abysmal", and the fourth image, "Resemblances Of Dissimilarities", the best, I suppose. The bottom image, "Malformed Emptiness", looks much better at a higher resolution than what I posted here, unfortunately.)


No anagrams today!
(No need to twist my words around today, I guess!)


Humanoids with hemorrhoids...
(Doesn't this make you think?...)


New words:

"Somewise": adj & adv: Partial or partially, somewhat, somewhat partial or partially.


"Throughin": Preposition & adv: Throughly within. Throughout, but inside not out.


"Clockwisdom" or "Counterclockwisdom": n: Enlightenment due to rotation (respectively clockwise or counterclockwise).


So, that last one reminds me:

What do I use to see time more clearly?

My hour-glasses, of course!

(Except when they get sand in my eyes, however.)

The computer that controls the
cosmic All-Illusion is the...

Cosmically chasmic, it is...

Truth is but the illegible spillage of pissants.

And those pissants do absurdly froth forth their punditic spewage, indeed.

("Spewage": {neologism} n: Spewed {or spewing} sewage.)


No more! No more punditic spewage!


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