Friday, December 16, 2011

Timid Pretense

Blog post # 250 (!):
(250 = 2*5*5*5.)

In Outward Intermediacy

Theoretically Assumed

Presumed As Polygons

Unto Loxodromes Coerced

As Doubt Mistaken

(Maybe I am not too impressed with any of these pictures.... Not TOO impressed, that is. What if I REALLY liked some of them A LOT!? That would be disturbing. ... Seriously, though. I have made better images before.)


If for some reason someone told me,
"Hey, you have the body of a 30-year-old!",
I would have to say,
"Yeah, in my basement."...


A number of anagrams:
(Warning! Some of these are potentially offensive in a sexual manner.)

Enslaved until...
unveil last end.


Whores sin...
in showers.




Our fun is icky.
I fuck in yours.


Truth is timid pretense.
Thus it misinterpreted.


A dim x-ray crescent
I am scared, cry next.


Oh, humans juxtapose, sin, tingle...
as sex on a jutting hump, in holes.



1 comment:

flip said...

The whores sin and the X-ray one were downright poetic.