Friday, December 23, 2011

Concentric To Lies

Blog post # 252:
(252 = 2*3*7*3*2.)

Monotonic Ambidexterity

Drastic Quadrature

Approximately Mis-implied

Intense Entirety

Pathologically Cosmic

(I prefer the fourth from the top, "Intense Entirety", the most, I suppose; although it unfortunately is rather unoriginal.)


Two anagrams today:

I tire so of cyan's deadly dimness...
only finessed as sad mediocrity.


Concentric to lies,
it circles not once.


Imbecilic jokiness:

People say I 'smell funny'.

Hey, they must be talking about my great 'scents of humor'!...


What causes the oxen to die?



You know why the 'Coriolis' force causes the 'correlation' of the directions of whirlpools' spins in the same hemisphere?

Because the whirlpools are all .... in-sink.

(Hmm. Maybe I actually have a BAD 'scents of humor', it would seem from these jokes.
I better use some deodorant.)


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