Monday, December 5, 2011

Odder Unevenness

Blog post # 247:
(247 = 13*19.)

Absurdity Of Certainty

Anti-Empathetic Emphasis

Inept Paradox

Theoretical Agony

(Thematic names, perhaps?)

Anagrams twice occurring:

All tangles seem ugly.
Sly language tells me.


For, odder unevenness is mine.
If some sins never underdone.


You know who doesn't exist?
Jane's sister "Sue Doe"...


Since concern for others is now considered a mental sickness by so many,
we all should anyway try to suffer from such...


If you don't know if racial minorities are inferior or not,
you are ...


Poll results:

(Received: 7 votes total.)

Which of these words bests describes you?

"Illegible" wins with 3 votes.
"Impractical", "Formulaic", "Overlapping", and "Insufficient" each received one vote.
"Improbable", "Amorphous", "Aperiodic", "Reverberant", and "Centrifugal" each received zero votes.


All is nonsensical, absurd, anti-logical. Just watch the news, and this will be obvious. The injustices are unbelievable and infinite. The vile atrociousness of so many people is overwhelming and thoroughly pervasive.
And people can be so foolish and ignorant and obviously mistaken to the point that many of their beliefs, I would claim, are the exact opposite of the truth in many ways. Perhaps these 'opposite-people' actually have negative intelligent, an IQ well below zero?

Yes, all "Reality" appears intensely inconsistent to me, so much so that I at least somewhat doubt in anyone else's existence, maybe even in my own.

How can the existence of such imbecilic hordes be otherwise explained, other than they do not exist at all?

Oh, for here, even the illusions are idiotic.
And, surely, they too lie.



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flip said...

I liked the word play. Pseudo is very clever.