Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This Wisest Retina

Blog-post # 348:
(348 = 2*3*29*2.)

Six images today:

Introscopism's Unknowable Unknowability

Tilted But Untilted Retinae

Thereof Hyperdimensional Glass

Thereafter The Cosines Are Astray

Unseen As Any Irises

Knots Tied Yet Untied As Entropy

("Introscopism" I think is
a neology. It means much the
same as 'introspection' does.
But this word implies more so
the physical usage of one's
Inner Eye.)


(Quite a bunch, today.
Twenty; that's plenty.
{And 2 are 3-part anagrams.})

Mad art is...
Its drama.


Beyond light,
as was insight...
By this, a
glistening shadow.


Glass retina:
As triangles.


This wisest retina...
sees within its art.


Wiser ends.


Wise nerds:


Be wide as geometry;
maybe rot edgewise.


Everything came out
ever sideways.
They vary in me as
to curve edgewise.


Most shapes are
again shaped...
as something has
appeared as.


Integers rate
their mathematics.
The matter is its
greater machine.


Withering knots are
empty and as me,...
making dreamt entropy
what is seen.


Thinking dreams:
Kind nightmares.


I may hunt.
(A hint?.. Yum.)


As we did hate;
all conical dust
also so divides us.
Its void inside holes
adds, was a
calculated soul.


Anger meets:


[Warning: This anagram's
language may offend.]

These finer hot women's
overtly beautiful asses:
Some butts of theirs
we are sinfully
to have seen.


Masses seen.


I pity stud.
It study pi.

(I MUST have posted this
before or read it someplace
else. But I am too lazy to
search right now.)


We wear styles torn,
stained, or ruined.
Last year, trends were
worn inside-out.


Some teenagers are still
hustled with old data.
As all the wild estimates
should... 'trend' to agree.

(Note: This is both an
anagram and a pun.
Two things in one.)


(Now, the funner stuff.)




(Alone among the crowd,
living in..



What kind of coffee should any
much-too-anxious politician
only drink?..



You know why pastries are never
getting baked at 13 o'clock?

Because then...
the baker's dozin'..

Next 2 jokes may offend some.]

'Shit hits this':

The.. 'fan-agram'?..


You hear about the well-respected
man who accidently exposed himself?

Oh yeah, it was quite 'the flap'..

(And he was a nuclear-scientist,
too. So, from the incident, there
was a bit of 'fallout'..)

[I may have read/heard this joke
before someplace else.
See my previous blog-post for
the "Unoriginal Sin" joke,
regarding this.]

Nothing to watch on TV?

It's just The Void-eo screen.


You know where the wayward salmon
swam instead of swimming upstream?

He swam the course of a..

Yes, but this was only because
he had partaken in some of the
sailors'... rhumb.


New things to say:
(Or maybe, things already said,
which I heard somewhere else?)

Christmas maybe should
be renamed..


Instead of saying
"Jesus Christ!", those afraid
to vocally sin may instead say,
"Gypsum Crystals!".

(And on that note, maybe
one who uses euphemisms may be
considered by other rougher
and coarser people to be
a little..


"Ob-see" (or 'obsee'):
verb; To see, either
intentionally or accidentally,
something that is obscene.

As in,
"Whoops, I mistakenly ob-saw
something bad. Oh, better
throw me in jail, then!"


And finally, a put-down:

"You're such a 'dumb-ster'!"..

(Ending as in 'oldster',
'youngster'. Combining
'dumpster' and 'dumb',

[Quite, I am a dumbster, too.
Because I posted this despite
that I must have heard/read
it before. .. Me study pi.]




kikinotdee said...

I love image 4 it's gorgeous.

Hey Leroy, if you're an Earl and you get a OBE, do you become an Earlobe?
"Gypsum crystals" that was a bad joke!

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

"Gypsum Crystals" wasn't meant as a joke, so much..
(More so, it was meant by me simply as an alliteration for the purposes of being a euphemism.)

(By the way, FYI, the word "gyp" is an ethnic slur, in fact. It came from how the Roma people were allegedly, according to stereotypes, all going to rip you off.
There are other common words in English that have politically-incorrect etymologies, but I can't think of any others now.)