Sunday, December 2, 2012

Uncertainty Contaminated With Certainty

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(349 = a prime.
And this is a prime post.)

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All Forevers Inside All Finitude

Interspersions Of Simplest Plexuses

We Thus Flew Via Our Own Grounding

Apex Formed By Its Own Apparitions

Posits Positioned Within Meaninglessness

The Materialism Of Selfish Matter

Cantilevered Counter-Chaos


(A Great Eight.)

Condensing apex:
Cones expanding.


All trust in rust
traps one lie.
It returns unto
its parallels.


In a sheer purity or
clearest complexity;
Empty yet circular
are their explosions.


Ask, you:
Okay, us.




Metronomic there.


Our sun's irate flares yell.
They then come to be as
their dimmer solar-heat.
Yet these lunar fires
also arc some, but are
more hot there inside
all myth.


Love is interwoven.
We revolve into sin.


There is a parallel
"pair o' 'l's"
in the word "parallel".

I must 'paroddy' that fact
in this very sentence..)


Language-use quibble:
Speaking of the short
sentence "Okay, us,"
from an anagram above:

Hey, we, why don't we more
often use first-person-plural
pronouns in a sentence when we
are addressing whom we are
speaking to in that sentence?

"How are we doing, us?"
"Hey, we, we are doing okay!"


Alternative medical therapies
sometimes consist of..

'transcendental medications"..


I like when everybody talks about
that "quiet man" who turns out to
be, in fact, a mass-murderer.
So common an occurrence:
Those "quiet" guys and their
mass-murder... (as long as we
are stereotyping people as much
as we {stereotypically}
all seem to like to do).

(For the record; I must not be
dangerous at all, then, because I
am always SCREAMING obscenities..)

Anyhow. Afterwards, those who had
known the killer like to say, when
they are interviewed:
"I don't understand. He was not
the type to have hurt anybody."

No, he would not hurt anybody,..
anybody at all.

He instead would just
always kill all his victims
very quickly...
before they even felt the pain.

(See, nice guy after all.
And quiet too.)


Regarding something that will
never happen, even eventually:
Will it then happen...


(Or maybe.. 'oddtually'?)


The entrepreneur enters the
dollar-store, and announces:

"This is a dollar store,
correct? Yes, I'll take this
whole store for one dollar."

(See, that's why capitalists
demand a "free market"..

So then they can save a buck..)


In my last blog-post I had an
image titled: "Knots Tied
Yet Untied As Entropy".
Regarding that name:

I wonder which contributes
more entropy to this universe:

Tying a knot?

Or untying a knot?

Tying the knot in a way creates
more randomness, at least if the
particular knot ends up being
relatively chaotic and random,
but is not intentionally and
methodically constructed using
any algorithm-like methods
(at least not successfully so).

But untying the knot causes the
dissipation of past efforts,
intentions, and achievement*..
all metaphorically back into
the universal background-noise.

*(ie. the immediately prior
tying of the knot.)

Quite a conundrum..


Inspired by recent writings..

Is some rich person who
invests much of their own
money so to actually cause
disorder in the universe..
then an...



A poem:

I promise not to post poetry
very often here anymore -- as in,
hardly at all, if at all anymore.

This poem is not my very
best written, I think. Yet it
expresses a philosophical idea
that I contemplate sometimes;
AND it does so via poetry!
So, yay.


So, if the truths can superimpose and
Do so as density too may, then can the
Abstractest of absences likewise
Coincide with themselves, with
Whatever is everything?
Can then these nonexistent absurdities
And shapeless anti-truths truly be as
Somewhat positioned within this reality
Of posits and prepositional conjectures,
Conjectures each without the causality
Of our assumptions, otherwise? And does,
Therefore, a mathematical entirety of
The one universal science simultaneously
Contain every falsehood and actuality,
And do so factually?

For, are the most strange of unthinkably
Undreamable and unprovable imaginings
Yet counterintuitively potential still,
Albeit maybe sub-substantially?
Is such entanglement to imply the lies
-- Whether despised or wise --
And make them as profoundly exact as any
Anti-opposites or even as any depictions
Of quanta?
Oh, so, are those myths of our psychotic
Meaninglessnesses to equal astronomy
Or atomic materialization or its matter?
Or is, rather, that vision of envisioning
To form its own apparitions, to form its
Own overlapping of inaccuracy onto
Perfection, or form its own impurity both
Imperfect and, thus, consequently pure?
And is this thereof my misunderstanding
Of our understanding, or is my insight
Conjoined with only summation? Or is it
Additionally specious and additively
Spatial but as sporadically spurious
As somehow was vaguest void, as somehow
Was something as also multiplicatively
Non-explicit... as is/are some?


**In {more} plain English:
Does quantum physics lead to ANY
physical quantities or even any ideas
-- any ideas no matter how abstract,
absurd, or false-appearing --
therefore being above zero and/or
true in-actuality; even if at only
extremely minute levels, but always
at levels greater than zero or truer
than absolutely false?

For instance, "absolute zero"
temperature is not literally
ABSOLUTELY NO thermal energy,
because, if it was, then that
physical quantity of temperature
could be perfectly known
(it being perfectly zero),
which is forbidden by the
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

Now, of course, we believe the
physical quantities that the
Uncertain Principle relate to are
of only of a certain specific and
limited variety, such as momentum
and position (and only in regards
to very very small particles).
But even then, maybe the idea of
a minimum level of heat that the
vacuum must contain can be extended
further to other quantities; maybe,
analogously, even past the physical
measurements of physics to any
abstract ideas or concepts regarding
truth and fact and reality.
Of course, I am being silly here...
Or am I?

After all: Maybe one of the
beneficiaries of the idea that all
ideas may at least in-part be
correct is this very same idea




We're uncertain..
what's exactly in them...




kikinotdee said...

As always I love the art, but your poem made my brain go Whut! So no change there then :)
Do snowglobes Leroy it's snowing here I've been out playing with the dog.

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

No snow where I live for quite a while (but many dead lawns) -- even though lots of people from not around here think we have snow year-round, which is completely false. We actually get far less snow on-average here than much of the rest of the US does, and always have gotten less on-average even before all that global-warming made things even worse here. We are becoming so dry here, we will be completely desert probably soon enough. (Didn't I have a stupid "we will be getting our just-deserts" pun, maybe in regards to global-warming, once?)

Hopefully the poem didn't make you cease reading this blog-post before getting to the mind-bending philosophical discussion I had with myself -- no, not the knot-discussion, but yet a second philosophical discussion involving (and not involving..) the Uncertainty Principle, or something.