Monday, December 17, 2012

Do Those Ears Hear.. Piercing Noises?

Blog-post #352:
(352 = 2*2*2*2*2*11.)

[Note regarding title:
They may hear sharp notes
too.. This is alluding
to an anagram below,
by the way.]

Sorry for the long wait,
relatively, since I posted
last. I have been feeling
a bit ill. (And all the
bad news recently isn't
helping me out either.)
Hopefully, though, I will
be completely better soon.

And sorry for the relatively
poor selection of images, in
regards to both their number
and quality.

Yes, seven new art-images.

(An aside: Since my art images
exist only on computers --
one could call them --
the fact they exist only as
abstract concepts therefore
makes them truly..
'abstract art',.. in an even
more literal sense than how
that phrase is commonly used.)

As Triangular As Triangles Almost Are

Nullity Interspersed With Nonzeroness

Converging Onto Its Non-Convergences

Only Of Both Either And Neither

Portrayal Of Etceteras

Of Any Somethingnessless Somethinglessness

Loci Of Shape Sans Its Location

(Now I maybe wish I had
named the 4th image
instead, "Only Of Both
Either And/Nor Neither".)


(Seven. And seven images too.
See a pattern?..)

A revolution slanted so,...
as un-level rotations do.


Our demons shall
violently beat us.
Then sly evil morons
out-abused all.


The crescent
held us as so.
Thus arcs
enclosed these.


Strings become hated,...
being the most scared.


The mile-deep
staircases sloped:
All space does rise
despite them.


Ears of the needles:
All their sly entirety
yet heard our sight.
They are listened for;
they are seen, are
rightly still shouted.


My dumb brain:
This does rue me.
Subhumanity did
remember so.


Not much jokiness today:

I may not be tall, dark,
OR handsome (ie. I am
but you know what they say
about we 'pasty'-skinned
guys, don't you?

At least we will always..
'stick' around..


[I really should not post the
following. It is relatively
much better than another joke I
decided to not post here today,
however; and there is very
little else I am posting today.
So I will publish this anyway.]

One could say about some
substance or habit they are
trying to warn someone from:

"That substance/habit
(whatever it is specifically)
is SO carcinogenic, it
will likely give you..
HAIR-cancer, even!"

(But good thing chemo is pretty
much 100% effective against
hair-cancer, though; at least..)

[Sorry. And I have friends and
family who have had...
{but not that kind}
Just 'ugg's all around.
And hair-cancer is probably real,
too, and people probably die
from it, too.* Sorry especially
then. But sorry either way.]

*[I am sure that there actually
must be types of cancer involving
the area of the skin right at the
hair-follicles {such as.. oh..
most skin-cancers generally}, and
maybe sometimes including some of
the {still-living} bases of the
hair-strands themselves as well.
Although, so my joke is still
'funny', I am specifically
referring in this joke to cancer
occurring on the hair strands
only at points at least 1 inch or
so from the surface of the skin.
I am glad I could clear up that
.. Now you may laugh away..]

Okay, I'm out-of-here!..

Leroy Quet(-zalcoatl)
(I am = 1 AM.)

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kikinotdee said...

I like the art no.2 favourite.
As for clearing up any confusion with that explanation, I wasn't at all confused until I read it :/
I hope you feel better soon leroy and if I dont speak to you before christmas I hope you have a good day, may the fat man fill your stocking to the brim :D