Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holes Centered Upon Punctured Intermediacies

Blog-post # 351:
(351 = 3*3*3*13.)

Seven new images:

Transitions In Conceptualizations
Of Somethingness

Shaped Like Shape-like Spacelessness

Breath Tasting Of Lexicons

Entropy's Traitorous Tangents

Meaning Meant To Be Meaningless

Soliloquies Palindromically Woven

Collective Dissent

(I like most of these.
I had a difficult time deciding
which order to put the top three
images into, though.
An imperfect permutation?
An 'impermutation'?
Yes, impurely, surely.)
(Not much else today.)

(Only five.)

Space-time is but of the
sand-less hourglass.
Its emptiness falls
because our ghosts had.


This ending ends
in the voids.
Nothingness is
then divided.


Ha, reality ends, centered
somewhat upon its holes.
Yet these corners we made
into all those I had spun.


thus so.


For, things arced:...
Of charted rings.



Sin: A madness' end; a man is.



Written legal-agreements will
come to have finer and finer
print inserted (literally and
figuratively) "between the
lines" {between their lines},
and with even finer print
between those lines, on and on
ad infinitum...

In other word, even legal
agreements will soon become

(Sorry, no puns here in
this regard. Oh, okay;
how about this?..

Fractalized abstractions are...
'abstractal' in nature.)

[I may have heard of this fractal
legal-agreement prediction
somewhere else and so it is maybe
not originally mine.]


If we only rely on OTHER people
to write in regards to important
and erudite topics, then are THOSE
other people's theses they write
(not being 'these theses') then..



You know what kind of music
makes your feet want to dance?..



I guess that dance-parties
with hard techno-punk
(such as industrial music
with hard-core punk lyrics)
could be called...



"That would be 'outrageous'!
'Cause, hey, those punks
can't out-rave-us!"


You hear they caught the
homicidal guru prophet?

Yeah, he was charged with...



I really dislike humanity,
all of it.

I hate it so much that it
makes me want to puke.

Does that make me, then, a...



My rantiness, when I do that,
is intended to..

incite insight.

("But hey, you ranters:
Don't get your ranties
all in a twist!..")


Paranoid yet?

(Oh, we have a..
medication for that..

Yes, a 'MED-NESS'
for your "MADNESS"!...)


Possibly offensive
material ahead.
Warning. Beware.]

Two guys talkin' guy-talk:

"I want to 'do' her SO hard, man."

"Yeah, but she wants to 'do' ME
... so wet!"


ALMOST a perfectionist,..)



Anonymous said...

Entropy's Traitorous Tangents is a confounding image... took me a while to see the cubes....interesting..

kikinotdee said...

sock and roll! "groans" and eww
I love image 4 :)

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Did you misread my pun?
It was "Sock and sole".
(Or are you yourself just pointing out the "sock and roll" pun?)
I know I had some unsavoriness in this particular blog-post, but I did not intend THAT one item to be filthy at all..

kikinotdee said...

I don't know why I didn't see that, I ment to write sole, I was tired double shift at work. Are you doing an End of the world post Leroy? Only a few more days before lights out :)