Friday, December 21, 2012

The End Of Eternity

The End Of Eternity

Blog-post # 353:
(353 = a prime, apparently.)

Six new images:

Ambiguously Relevant Counter-Conceptualization

If Names Were Also Nouns

Refraction Of Purity Into Its Impurities

Cosmically Consistent Yet Universally Uneven

Monotonic Swirling

Consequence Disbelieved By Causality

I like these.


(Only three.
Damn, I suck)

Unequal hemispheres
oddly separated.
They all perhaps
seemed quasi-rounded.


Chaotic repetition in us:
The ironic pace is unto it.


A crescentic sphere; a duality:
The circles; any are cuspidate.


So, I have to hurry up and post
today before the...


(I hate whenever the end of the
world happens, too. It is hard
to make plans around, you know.
"Let's see if I can schedule
you in. Wednesday, I have a
doctor's appointment. Thursday,
I have an appointment with my
financial advisor. Friday is the
end of the world. Monday, I have
to take my dog to get groomed..
Tuesday, then? Oh, wait, Tuesday
won't work after all, because
Maybe Wednesday of next week,
however? That works.")

But the real
"End of the world" is humanity.
First there is the by-far most
likely outcome for the world ending,
when it finally happens, being that
people will somehow destroy the
world completely someday..

But also, we are collectively
as a species literally
the END of the world,
the world's ass, in other words.


The History Of The World,

The powerful and pompous..
.. and their pogroms.


On a somewhat related note*,
I may indeed be the
(because I am the only solipsist
ever..), but I still find some
("other"?) people's selfishness
and lack of empathy to be almost
infinitely offensive to me.
And worse, I think, many of these
people are not only proud of their
own selfishness and lack of
empathy, but they often publicly
proclaim how they actually loathe
so damn much the people, unlike
them, who DARE act selflessly
or with empathy, as if being
kind in any way is a very VERY
BAD things for anyone to be.

I don't know what is worse:
That many people only pretend
to be kind, but these people are
in fact completely selfish and
maybe even at least a little
Or that many people are openly
proud of their selfishness and
greed and sociopathic nature,
and will angrily belittle and
strongly criticize anyone else
who dares show even a small
amount of humaneness towards

The problem with the latter type
is that they encourage society as
a whole to become more like them,
and they move the thermostat of
what is considered by society
to be "normal" and "good"
in the opposite direction
of where our moral values
should be going instead.

*(And do musical tones even have
relatives, like cousins?
Chord-cousins, perhaps?)


The creatures of our nightmares:

These.. 'DREAMons'.


Leroy Quet-zalcoatl strikes again.

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