Friday, December 7, 2012


Blog-post # 350:
(350 = 2*5*5*7.)

This blog-post's title has little
to do with its contents.
I just think the name would be a
good band-name, unless it is
already one (which it must be).

Seven new images:

Demultiplication More Axiomatic Than Itself

As Plural As All The Aspects Of All

Predecessors To Predestined Previousness

Heresy Herein Forbidden To Be Betrayed

Processes Transiting Within Propagation

Abstraction Disregarding Even Me

Seeing Onto Unrecognizable Recognition


(Twelve: Do that zen;

Any disordering of the mess
is cast alone:
Synthetic dimensions are
also as forged.


It is crafted failure,
and thus is seen;
as in that rude surface
inside itself.


This soliloquy meant
to understand us.
It shorted so a
silently quantum sound.


The soliloquy is:
"Oh, so, silly quiet."


The one soliloquy:
Quiet, oh, so lonely.


Things are ever as
in all theses said.
Again, less real
than severed is this.


A thesis was:
As we, as this.
A wisest ash.)


Grids are mainly as something,
as if elongated so.
Yet mis-arranged is all,
is goodness again of them.


So cuspidate:
As pi does cut.


The dystopian Jupiter's
entirety was yet wrapped
in all lush red.
Pi is neatly wiped to rust,
then appears justly and
weirdly there.


These surreal halves unlikely
be of not one iris;
if your lens shall see
in or to the bleak universe.


One's induction...
is continued on.

(And now the rest..
Not much today, though.)

Forget trying to get odd jobs
in this economy..

We need instead..

Those even jobs,
so we can break-odd.


I now hear Jim Morrison singing...

"Break-odd with an even job.
Break-odd with an even job."

("A take-off on a Doors' song.
Take-off on a Doors' song.


A customer enters a bar;
There is a very young baby working
as the bartender. The customer then
says to the baby-bartender:
"You must be new here."


You know what would be poetic?

Shootin' some guns!..
(Yes, yee-haw.)

... Yeah, shootin' some guns...

out of a cannon...

.. at some other guns.

(Yep, shootin' some guns, indeed.)


Being called "Politically-Correct"
has, these days, somehow itself
become a slur, and is now quite
an offensive thing to be called,

So, may I suggest instead:


as something to label those people
who dare not be racist, bigoted,
offensive, crass, or vile.

(I am sure you all can do better
than even {even!} I did with
inventing a new term for such
And more points to you if you use
more and more hyphens in your new
label for them!)

[Update edit:
Perhaps "Asininely-Challenged",
especially because "Asininely"
is an adverb, might imply the
opposite of what is intended.
So, maybe "Asininity-Challenged"
Or, to be more correct in the
literal sense,
"Asininity-Deficient" might
be a better term? Although this
does not follow the pattern of
many other "politically-correct"
terms, which often end in
"-Challenged" {and which often
begin with an adverb}.]



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kikinotdee said...

Axiomatic! i love that word.
Almost christmas, can't wait :) I'm getting a little netbook so I can see your art on a bigger screen than my stupid phone and my thumbs can have a rest.