Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Of Corkworks And Clockscrews

Blog-post # 354:
(354 = 2*59*3.)

And six is the number
of my art-images for today.

The Nihilism Of Sleeping Ghosts

Meanings Distinctly Unlike Every Meaning

Infinitely Meso-Determinate Intermediacy

Scalenism Of Palindromes And Vice-Versa

Counterhourglasswise Is That Clockscrew

Anomalously Of Any Obsidian Abyss

I like the first two images
the best, I guess.
And the top image's name
I really like.

"Meso-Determinate", from the 3rd
image's name, is a neology meaning
somewhat determinable; and perhaps
means possessing a level of
indeterminability that is itself
maybe undeterminable?

"Scalenism", from the 4th image's
name, is the concept of possessing
unequal lengths, as a scalene
triangle possesses.

What would "Counterhourglasswise",
from the 5th image title, mean
exactly? Simply 'up', maybe?
Or maybe technological progress?
Or perhaps even time flowing
(as technology ironically
simultaneously progresses)?
"Clockscrew", from the same
title, is a play on "clockwork"-
versus-"corkscrew" --
see this blog-post's title.


(Four; no more.)

Oh, all is as most.
Thus, corkscrews keep time.
The clockwork-spirals
seem to assume this.


As the dents soon almost jut;
an adjustment lost those so.


Toughest sins die...
inside those guts.


As the atomic energies
were so real:
We are genies.
Their comets are also.


What type of bottle-opener needs
you to twist it twice, not just
once, for it to appear in the
same orientation as before
you started to twist it?

A quark-screw.

(And, yes,...
'Half-Spin-Doctors' are a bunch
of quarky quacks, also.)

(Note: This is at least my second
quark-related joke. I might
prefer the earlier one I once
published in this blog,
though -- the joke about the
"subatomic clock".)

You hear about that contagious
disease that can make you
really dizzy?

Yeah, it's goin' around...


Which vitamin existed prior
to even life on Earth?

Vitamin 'B4', of course..


If a group of kids decide
together to all take-up
smoking, I guess they
then must have a...

'suicide pack'..

(^A very unoriginal pun.)

Okay, seriously -- since IQ
is typically measured by comparing
one's intelligence to the average
level of human intelligence,
allegedly, then what if I am
correct in my solipsism?

I suppose I would then have
an IQ of exactly 100, then?

But what if even I do not
exist, and absolute nihilism
is the only correct philosophy?

Would my IQ then be indeterminate,
being simultaneously at every
level between zero and infinity?

And would, then, even my
non-existent mind exist
somewhat when my IQ is in
any way infinite at the moment,
because zero multiplied by
infinity is SOMETIMES non-zero?
(Just ask those zero-mass yet
light-speed-velocity subatomic
particles regarding this math

Anyway, this whole topic
confuses me, especially as to
how it might relate to
Descartes' contention that we
must be real because we think.

But maybe we are NOT real, and
are not real precisely because
we think; since when we do
think, it is evident and given
that we all sometimes have zero
IQ, and sometimes have infinite
IQ, and sometimes it is in the
middle (but mostly is rather
low for almost all of us).
Or something..

Thus, I am alone and
nonexistent, and so have an
IQ at all levels at once;
hence I think despite my
lack of thoughts.

(And this time right now is
NOT an infinite IQ moment
for me, as you can see.)



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