Monday, November 19, 2012

Megalo-depressive Melotrauma

(Don't worry.
Except in regards to the bad puns,
this title is only pessimistically

Blog-post # 346:
(346 = 2*173.)

Eight images.
(Who ate the images?)

Astro-analytical Defiance

Terrestrially Mundane Astrophysics

Transcending Tautology But Not Transcendence

Each Abyss Formed Of Polymers

Infinite Heaviness Of Nothingness


Said By Unknowability

Magnanimously Megalomanic -
Defiantly Depressive

I guess I like most of the images in my last post more so than any of these.


As of today,
November 19, 2012,

There are only 33
shopping-days until...

The End Of The World!

[Remember the alleged Mayan
predictions and all that?]

["Shop till we ALL drop"??]

(And then 3 days past
that terrible terrible day,
and 36 days from now, it
will be Christmas. Can't wait.)

Christmas should be called
"Presents-mas", as in,

(I myself actually loathe
receiving Christmas presents,
especially because I will
not give anyone anything
in return, and, oh yeah,
I do not like celebrating
Christmas especially since
I am not a Christian. And
even if I was a Christian,
I hate almost all holidays
Oh, the Hellidays.)


(Only four; no more.)

That glare's huge shadows
almost stir as universes had.
Alas, its massive hourglasses
dare the thoughts drawn.

[I JUST came up with this one.
Hot off the presses, as they say.
{And they also say "as they say"
a lot too, but I digress.}]

One eye; the polygonal pulses
tied, knotted so.
They looked on it to
supposedly see, entangle.




All dearest everything
is a strange rose.
Yet these grandest
virgins are also real.


I hear a lot about
"God's Will".


"I, God, hereby declare that
I, upon My death, bequeath the
Universe to..." etc etc etc?

Good, God has a will; or so they
claim He does. The LAST thing we
need* is a fight over His assets
(ie, the Universe).

(But does THAT will need to
be legally notarized?)

*(And this then would likely be
the last thing we all get, too.
The very last thing.)


If you are 1000-times as
overconfident and insanely
power-hungry, would that mean
you are a..


(Or quite an..
omnipotent gigolo,..)


If that play/movie just hits
you with a thud..
(and especially if it is
a murder-mystery), then it
perhaps could be called a...

'blunt-force drama'...

("And I heard the acting in
it was so very..
'melo-traumatic', too.")



The Unoriginal Sin.


(I would've worked as a
woodworker, but that
wouldn't have worked..)


What do those soldiers about
to be paid yell to each other?

"Incoming!.. income.."


A totally invisible ghost:

A 'transparition'?


It's out-of-fashion(s)..


Speaking of being
(But -- warning --
the following is NOT for those
of you with an old-fashioned
ability to easily get offended.
Warning, possibly offensive
material below.)

My doctor is SO old and
so old-fashioned,..
that he checks my prostate
via an...

analog rectal exam..

('Anal-log rectal exam'?
If so, that would be the
second 'anal-log' pun
so far I have posted to
this blog. Good for me.)



kikinotdee said...

I ate all the Images and very nice they where Sheldon! :D

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Sadly, I do not get what "Sheldon" refers to.
(And I bet I will feel really stupid when I am finally enlightened about what that alludes to, too.)
Is it a pop-culture reference?
(Maybe from a children's book; or British comedy series?)
I have been forgoing the popular-media consumption for a couple years as of now.
The biggest problem for me with me doing so is that I don't get everybody's jokes.. :(