Saturday, November 24, 2012

Eclipses Of Eclipses

Blog-post # 347:
(347 = a prime,
Am I the only one not
impressed by this being
a prime?)

My six newest images:
(Siks? siccs, {sic}s.)

Three-Halves As Finite

Loci Between Themselves And Intermediacy

Sans Any Empty-Sets

Bioluminescence Dared

One Dream Of Every Shape

Axioms Of Glass Shattered By Glassiness

(Just paleologisms in
the names today.)

(16 = sixteen
= 2*2*2*2.)

Earth's loneliness
creates this.
As it is less than
electrons here.


These half-spheres spill
into electric sanity.
All the thirsty eclipses
of eclipses then rain.


Helical slab:
All is bleach.


All its bleach:
Helical blast.

(This one and the
previous one are
just silly.)

The bands share music,
or egos are ruined.
... Because our minds
dare hear their songs.


Between those
I see the dreams
we bent into ice.


Our crescendo is any ends
to be so set as all within.
Its roundness or
DNA bioscience was
lately those.


Moons were to subdue sleep,
casting her to bed.
There, eclipses are so;
but gnomons we doubted.




A God, He damned killers,..
making Hell so dreaded.


Poison us
in soup so.


Sin poisons;
Is in spoons.


Repo man:
Mean pro.


All the fascist losers
seem surely as selfishly
so to be.
Those sore asses'
silly fists shall
falsely become true.

The final two anagrams below
may offend some readers.
Warning, possible
offensiveness looms.]

We rue the pornography's sin.
Ours were then happy groins.


All beautiful, smart,
tarty fleshiness:
A slut finally masturbates
it herself.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That good thing is..
awfully fully off.

(Other times, however, it is
honestly the on-est thing.)


Are those people we are the
least genetically related to
our... 'last-cousins'?

('Last Cousins': And yet
another band-name, perhaps?)

(And yet another band-name,
'Them Long-Haired Hips'.
But I digress.)

There are dreadlocks,
deadlocks, and
But sadly, no dreadbolts?


Being so stressed you are
literally scared-to-death
can be very...



Soundly asleep? To say one
is 'quietly asleep' would
be more literally accurate.


"Yeah, he is soundly asleep.
Because he screams
in his dreams."


Mathematics equals:

Sometimes sums;
Sometimes times.


You know what does NOT have
any 'grandeur' (ironically)?

A grand-jury.


All four wheels of a car spinning
with almost the exact same
angular-velocity is quite the...


(Or.. 'car-roll-ation'?)

(Fun is done.)

There is quite the correlation
between what facts we think
correlate and all that really
never has.


[Warning: Politics + Religion.
{US-centric politics.}
Warning: Satire.]

"In the Beginning
there was only darkness...
and no money.
Then the Great 'Job-Creator'
said, 'Let there be wealth'.
And there was then wealth,
and this was good (for those
already with wealth, that is)."

The Big Bank Theory?

("Trickle-Outward* Economics"?
*{rather violently trickling so})


Women seem to want guys who
call themselves crazy.
But the last thing most women
want is a guy who really is crazy.

In other words,..
women want liars.

(Quite both curtly and
relatively circumlocutorily
I stated this.
... 'Curt-cumlocutorily'?..)


Speaking of

You ever notice how a pack of
snack-mix has the very LEAST of
whatever one type of snack-mix
element you actually want the
This fact does not even seem to
be a result of the best type of
snack-mix element necessarily
being the most expensive type
of element in the mix, either.

And this goes too with colored
candies, where the red ("cherry"
or "strawberry" in some candies)
and purple ("grape" in some) and
maybe even blue candies are the
most rare, say, while the far
more commonly occurring colors
are the relatively ugly ones
(and probably the most unpopular),
yellow ("lemon", say) and green
("lime", say).

Because people LIKE the red
"flavors" MORE.
(Or they think they do.)
So the candy companies and
snack-mix companies figure, I am
sure, that they will sell more of
whatever mixed goodies they sell,
as a whole, if the companies give
us LESS of what we want MORE of,

Get it?
It's psychology... APPLIED!

(At some point decades ago, I bet,
there MUST have been a psychology
study about this, about the
benefits of companies actually
denying customers what they most
want so to increase the companies'

You see, people want what
they DON'T want!

You're not happy about this fact
(or myth)? Then that means you
ARE happy about it!
(Very very {un}happy.)




Anonymous said...

Last Cousins

Good band names

Anonymous said...

Your art is great, especially One Dream Of Every Shape.
Wild use of color and shape!

kikinotdee said...

I'd rather have a little bit of crazy than a liar! Which is what I've got! my first was a cheat and a liar, my second is bonkers.
The big bank theory, you did it then :)