Monday, November 12, 2012

Antimaterialistic Anticlimax -- Quaintly Quark-like

Blog-post # 344:
(344 = 2*2*2*43.)

Seven new images:

Of Any Anticlimactic Antimatter Unlike It

My Nihilism In Its Nonempty Subset Of All

Dissertations Of Misanthropomorphism

Math Multiplied By Art And Anger

Only Such Poly-Holism

Undrawn By Super-Crystalline Sub-Atoms

A Guillotine Photogenically Neurological

(Why am I giving most of my
images such long names lately?)

Notable neologisms:

Misanthropic anthropomorphism.

Regarding the many All's.

I remember reading once about
'super-crystals", but now I
cannot recall what those even
are. Something quite amazing,
I am certain, anyway.

That there is some
I did there.

*(And I should use the
compound-word 'back-form'
sometime. But I am sure
someone else already has.)

And speaking of the
quaintest quarks..


(I've derived five.)

My fate has multiplied
all/any within itself.
This then ultimately
was finally amplified.


Ironic and also tilted...
into all sad direction.


Our own crowning DNA is
easily ended; thus it dies.
This was nicely wronged
and ruined too inside us.


All falsely has this.
It slays a half-shell.


In myths,
undrawable destiny is.
This was my blundered


If one desires to possess positrons,
antiprotons, and antineutrons,
then one must be an...



If, however, one desires the air,
the atmosphere, the weather,
then one must be a...



If one has a split-personality,
is one (are they) then an..



If a conjurer conjures
something from nothingness,
he is quite the...



[Warning. Politics.
Warning. Politics.]

Fox(-scist) News:

Putting "The Estates"
in the Fourth Estate..


I have already called
Mitt Romney, the
"Mormon of Mammon".

But a new name I
now have for him,
given his infamous
inconsistency on
political issues:

The.. 'Oxy-Mormon'.


One last (very non-political)
An update to my rant (in my
last blog-post) about why it is
best, I think, for me not to date:

Also, almost everyone who has ever
loved another or simply has been
sexually attracted to another has
inevitably done so for the most
unjust and sometimes downright
illogical reasons. Some of these
reasons are quite bigoted in some
ways; and if the person in-love
realized exactly why they felt the
way they do, they would feel ashamed
and then be repulsed by themselves
almost as much as they have now
become repulsed by that person they
just realized they had been loving
for absolutely the stupidest of
These stupid reasons are inevitable.
Almost inevitable, anyhow.

People fall in love most often based
upon looks almost entirely; which in
itself is as unjust as some of the
most vile forms of prejudice, from
racism to agism to weight-ism to
It is all just looks-ism, after all.
But people can also fall in love
with someone for the most absurd of
other reasons too, such as mainly
because of that someone's name, or
their economic status, or their family
affiliations, or their zodiac sign,
or simply because of the pheromones
that other person's body emits.
I am sure the reasons are endless and
almost always senseless for why people
get together.
And never mind that in many cases,
couples believe that they got together
originally for some magical, maybe
even supernatural, reasons. At least
their love is not based on stupid lies,

Primarily, love is probably almost always
just about looks-ism --
prejudiced and bigoted looks-ism.
Then we find an excuse why our attraction
is 'justified', as in "She is nice!"
As if that ugly lady next to her is not
nice as well, maybe even more so nice.
And almost everyone can be considered
to be 'nice' if we really really want to
think they are nice for some reason,..
a reason, like, oh, she has a good butt.

Yes, have a good ass...
or else be considered an ass.
That is the way it mostly is, correct?




Kevin Routh said...

I miss talking to you at the old CS. But at least I still get the pleasure of reading your blog.
I thought about your concept of "looks-ism" and I think you are right. I was recently divorced and I spent a lot (too much) time wondering how the wonderful person I married could turn out to be such a b_tch. Then I realized that she was probably a b_tch to begin with - I was just blinded by her looks when I first met her... Classic looks-ism on my part. As a species, we love to think how kind and compassionate we are to others; but in reality, we are just looking for a good butt... :)

kikinotdee said...

Love the art, but then I always do.
Looks-ism.... I think you are right for the most part, I have been attracted to handsom men, and I have yet to come accross one that isn't also a gigantic Dick, My first husband was a pretty boy,I left him when he cheated on me for the second time, but he probably cheated throughout the 18 years we were together. My new hubby is no looker but he has the ability to make me laugh which is more important to me than how he looks, but he has a cute Ass to :D

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Hey, you guys. I too miss the old Coffee Shop; we all do.
(And I am glad you are still around, KRouth. I feared that Kiki was the only Coffee Shop regular still reading my blog -- or perhaps the only {real} person, period, reading it. Even my own friends and family hardly ever read it anymore.)

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

PS: "Looks-ism" is not my own concept.
And dating isn't the only place it occurs.
Studies show that "better-looking" (however that is defined) people often get far better jobs on-average than average-looking people, and the worst-looking people get the worst jobs on-average. This is even true when those doing the hiring are heterosexuals of the same gender as the prospective employees, and even is true when good-looks have nothing at all to do with doing the job in question well.
People just seem to like to be around better-looking people, generally, even when romance or sex are not even part of the calculus in deciding whom to be around. Also, better-looking people (at least in the case of men) are typically prejudged to be more capable at doing certain jobs (mostly the higher paying executive jobs).
(And in that last regard, I hear that cosmetic surgery for people wanting to be executives is rather popular in parts of the world.)